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    17 People Shared The Best Advice They've Received From A Therapist, And It's Starting An Important Conversation

    "Don’t lower your standards, just lower your expectations of people."

    Last week, Twitter user @uhprome went viral after inviting therapy-goers to share the best advice they've received from a mental health professional. While the gems shared aren't a replacement for seeing a licensed therapist, many resonated with the insights. Here are some of the most-liked responses:


    @uhprome express how you feel when something bothers you. not because you’re confrontational but because you’ll spend your whole life wanting them to be sorry for something they may or may not know bothered you.

    Twitter: @uhprome / Via Twitter: @xx_d3stini


    @uhprome the best thing i’ve ever been told is “we repeat situations we get hurt in over and over again because we try to change the ending into something happy. but it doesn’t work. the cycle repeats” seriously it changed my life having someone put that into words.

    Twitter: @uhprome / Via Twitter: @pumpkin_mush


    @uhprome @PaigexStyles No, you should definitely go. There is no substitute for a worthy professional. But until you find one worth seeing: S - Stop, step back T - Take a breath, drink water, relaxing activity, quiet space O - Observe what's going on P - Problem solve.

    Twitter: @uhprome / Via Twitter: @moviebuffff85


    @uhprome my therapist was talking about how the smallest bits of self care even making yourself a mug of tea are a way of recognizing your own worth, and how meaningful they are when you really dislike yourself.

    Twitter: @uhprome / Via Twitter: @hannahanjaesung


    @uhprome Create your own happiness. Be your own light. It’s nice to have someone who ADDS to the pleasures of your life but don’t depend on it. Once they leave, they won’t disturb your peace because you were already happy.

    Twitter: @uhprome / Via Twitter: @ajsholiday_


    @uhprome @Wandile777GS the one that hit the hardest is that people dont care about you as much as you care about you. it sounds harsh, but its for all the anxieties and overthinking you may have. can't stop thinking about an awkward interaction you had? the other person probably already forgot about it

    Twitter: @uhprome / Via Twitter: @sunandserotonin


    @uhprome @j__x2_ Don’t lower your standards, just lower your expectations of people.

    Twitter: @uhprome / Via Twitter: @misslola_x


    @uhprome It’s important to know who you are as a person, the good and bad, so you can realize when people are projecting their own insecurities onto you. People see things they don’t like about themselves or become envious of who you are so they do what they can to tear you down

    Twitter: @uhprome / Via Twitter: @littletonocare


    @uhprome @artfuIchaos It’s not trust issues, it’s a trauma response from your past experiences

    Twitter: @uhprome / Via Twitter: @Alice99578890


    @uhprome @mickeymickey515 The ppl that get mad at you for setting boundaries, are the ones that benefitted from you not having none.

    Twitter: @uhprome / Via Twitter: @sieyesnegus


    @uhprome don’t let your compassion trap you in situations with people who aren’t good for you

    Twitter: @uhprome / Via Twitter: @PresilynHanson


    @uhprome 1- Dare to be avarage - most people are anyways and they are happy and fulfilled 2- You don't have to put up with anything or anyone you either try to work it out like adults or move out - life is too short to bear anything 3- your Worth is not based on what you do or achieve

    Twitter: @uhprome / Via Twitter: @yazeed_almahi


    @uhprome @xxAquaticRising Make sure both of your feet are on the ground and place your hands on your knees. Take a deep breath in through your nose and hold it for ten seconds. Then breathe out through your mouth. You do this five times. It’s for anxiety. Sort of works for me...when I really focus.

    Twitter: @uhprome / Via Twitter: @awnyehk


    @uhprome 1) write little affirmations with stickers mine was "THERE IS STILL TIME" 2) write your short, medium and long term goals 2.1) be realistic about them 3) organize a schedule with the times on it to be better at self-discipline 4) Sleep early. Eat clean. Practice exercise.

    Twitter: @uhprome / Via Twitter: @jupiterfav


    @uhprome There’s no point in feeling the pressure to keep shallow connections in your life that aren’t going anywhere. It’s a waste of time and energy that can be put into nurturing your more supportive and solid ones.

    Twitter: @uhprome / Via Twitter: @TristinaLee


    @uhprome My therapist told me that since I went through “x” amount of years of abuse I’m not going to heal from it right away and to be easy on myself when healing. Abuse can’t be fixed overnight and it’s okay to still be broken (my word not hers) even when you’re in therapy.

    Twitter: @uhprome / Via Twitter: @yelhsawo


    @uhprome My therapist gave me this awhile back and my homework was to read it aloud to myself, it helped a LOT

    Twitter: @uhprome / Via Twitter: @VeronicaNaomiG

    What is the best piece of advice a mental health professional has ever given you? Let us know in the comments.

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