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    Texans Are Sharing Videos Of The Damage Left By The Winter Snowstorm, And It's Shocking

    An inside look at life in Texas.

    In the wake of a snowstorm and freezing temperatures, Texas is experiencing power outages across the region. Due to a strain on the state's power grid, BuzzFeed News reported that many residents have been left without heat at a time when the wind chill has reached 15 degrees below zero, a record low in decades.

    Several people try to push a car through the snow in front of a house

    Texans on TikTok have been sharing their firsthand experiences with the subfreezing weather, and it's revealing how unprepared the state was for this kind of impact.

    Two people wearing face masks and sharing a blanket around their shoulders

    Here are the most eye-opening clips:

    Pipes are bursting in homes: 

    "Guys, so this is my house. I don't know what to do. It's all — everything's flooded."

    "Busted pipes last night. Texas is a nightmare right now. Nothing is built for these temperatures."

    Fish tanks are glacial:

    "Yo, look at my daughter's fish tank. Yeah, that fish is dead."

    Clothes and faucets have frozen:

    "This is what happens in Texas when the water freezes and you try to drip your faucets."

    Residents can see their own breath while INSIDE:

    "Y'all wanna see something fucked up? So I live in Texas, right? There's no power right now, and no heat inside the house. Look at this shit, y'all," TikTok user Luna said before exhaling a cloud of air. "I'm inside my house!"

    Hair is literally freezing in its place:

    "When it's zero degrees in Texas."

    Car doors are frozen shut: 

    You can punch through ice that froze to car windows: 

    Those who live outside the city are noticing a few discrepancies:

    "They've been telling us for days to conserve energy. My thermostat has been at 60 degrees. I woke up this morning to no power myself. Meanwhile... that's some bullshit. Half the city has no power, it's single digit weather outside, and downtown Houston is lit up."

    Pools can be used as skating rinks...

    ... or for reenactments of the Titanic sinking: 

    And many are trying to stock up on groceries: 

    "Look at the line!"

    If you or a loved one lives in Texas and would like information concerning local warming centers or community resources, you can call 877-541-7905.

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