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    The Indoor Smoker, The One Charging Rent By Attractiveness, And 25 Other Infuriating Roommates

    One roommate smokes indoors.

    In college, I lucked out and my junior-year roommate was the campus's only female dealer – which meant that a lot of other women on campus chose her for safety. I honestly wasn't mad at the hustle. It was the post-party crowds that would knock on our door at 4 a.m. and the 6 a.m. meetings with her supplier that turned me into an insomniac.

    But that has nothing on these infuriating roommates:

    1. This roommate refuses to clean their rice cooker and now it's growing another species:

    2. This roommate smokes cigarettes indoors:

    3. This roommate who leaves raw meat just, ya know, laying around:

    A covered kitchen counter with raw meat sitting open by the sink

    4. This roommate who charges rent based on how "attractive" they think you are:

    5. This roommate who somehow melted a pot:

    How from facepalm

    6. This roommate who took gaming wayyy to seriously:

    7. This roommate who turned a toilet paper roll into a kebab:

    8. This roommate who ghosted and then expected a meal:

    9. This roommate who thinks littering is cool:

    Update: Commenters have informed me that these are Grindr messages and this is the most hilarious mistake I've ever made.

    10. This roommate who just wants to finish watching Altered Carbon:

    11. This roommate who shoved a cup in a toaster oven:

    12. This roommate who just might give you COVID:

    13. Both of these passive-aggressive roommates:

    14. This roommate who is serving Get Out with their half of the rent:

    15. This roommate who doesn't have a job and will be in the living room all day:

    16. This roommate who destroys utensils:

    17. This roommate who refuses to turn the thermostat below 80 degrees:

    18. This roommate who leaves just a sip:

    19. This roommate who likes to live in the Arctic:

    20. This roommate who leaves dishes in the sink for months at a time:

    21. This roommate whose butter habits are questionable:

    22. This roommate who can't measure:

    23. This roommate who spoils milk:

    24. This roommate who won't take the trash out:

    25. This roommate who is setting them up for a home invasion:

    26. This roommate who will definitely use the wrong toothbrush:

    27. And finally, this roommate who is clearly saving money on buying a future wig by making their own:

    Have you ever had a bad roommate? Tell me your horror stories in the comments.

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