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    Rihanna Poked Fun At The Olympics' Cardboard Beds, And She Reigns As The Queen Of Petty

    "Yassss for the non cardboard bed."

    Rihanna may be keeping us on our toes when it comes to releasing new music, but she's giving us everything we need in the petty department.

    Rihanna with her hands in her pockets and wearing a snakeskin print bustier, coat and a silk bandanna
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    Recently, track star Sha'Carri Richardson, who was disqualified from competing in the 2021 Olympics after testing positive for cannabis use, shared a photo on Instagram of herself standing in front of a mirror and what appears to be a massive — and dare I say comfy — bed.

    The bed is a far cry from the ones currently occupied by athletes in the Olympic village, which are made out of cardboard.

    Akio Kon / POOL/AFP via Getty Images

    The arrangement isn't really something to be jealous about, which Rih was quick to point out, commenting this under Sha'Carri's post:

    "yassss for the non cardboard bed [Flex emoji and a heart emoji]
    Instagram: @carririchardson / Via

    I guess Rihanna feels like the fastest woman in America is better off.

    Giphy: Chat Glam / Via

    (And, I mean, is she wrong...?)

    Akio Kon / POOL/AFP via Getty Images


    Giphy / Via

    Welp. Sha'Carri vowed the Olympics wouldn't be the same without her, and that's true. Not only will the 100-meter race be missing its most anticipated contender, but I would have also loved to hear her answer interview questions about the village rooms. Oh well. She's still THAT GIRL.

    Patrick Smith / Getty Images

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