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    17 Job Recruiters Who Somehow Thought They Could Demand Extra Work For Less Than Minimum Wage

    These pay rates are insulting.

    1. This job that expected to pay someone with a DOCTORATE between $16–$18 an hour:

    2. This job looking for a manager to oversee a small team for $7 an hour: 

    3. This job expecting someone to write a whole novella filled with "world-building lore" in a month or less for $65 total. 

    4. This job expecting to find someone with a master's degree who is willing to create programs, work on projects, work Saturdays, and more for $15.90 an hour:

    5. This personal ad searching for someone to dig up their driveway for $300: 

    6. This parent looking for a nanny who is down to take care of their kids, clean their house, and prepare meals for $4 an hour: 

    7. I guess the above person isn't as bad as this person looking for a nanny to work from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day for $3 an hour:

    8. This YouTuber searching for a personal assistant who can create, respond to messages, craft statements, update briefings, and more for $10 an hour:

    9. This everyday Joe searching for a personal driver in exchange for $20 toward gas money every week:

    10. This director in search of a full crew who was willing to be paid in experience:

    11. This homeowner who managed to brag about having a large house while also saying they aren't willing to pay the going rate to take care of it: 

    12. This listing for a part-time job that somehow also requires 24 hours of availability every day:

    13. This product developer is in search of a PhD student who has been published in a journal and can do the heavy-lifting research work for about $14 an hour: 

    14. This Chicagoan looking for a caregiver who can provide a room in their home, a private bathroom, someone to do their laundry, and drive them around for $1,200 a month: 

    15. This football club in need of a content strategist and creator who will be offered the high price of experience and a bus pass: 

    16. This place looking for a mechanic with five years of professional experience who is willing to work from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. for $9 an hour: 

    17. And finally, another "influencer" searching for someone who can revitalize their Instagram account with 2–3 posts or videos per day for $FREE:

    If you're comfortable sharing, tell us about the wildest job listing you've ever seen in the comments!

    H/T: r/ChoosingBeggars.