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People Have Mixed Emotions About This Guest Declining To Attend Their Friend's "Game Of Thrones"-Themed Wedding

This person started a massive debate online after sharing that their friend is hosting a Game of Thrones-themed wedding held in High Valyrian, and people have mixed feelings about whether they should decline the invite or support the couple.

Let's be honest, Game of Thrones was a MOMENT. Despite there being an overwhelming amount of displeasure surrounding the last season, the show's run up until then was met with increasing praise.

So, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that some couples may want to re-create the kingdom's magic on their wedding day. But one Reddit user, u/Fluffy_Strain6713 — who we'll call Fluffy — seemed to define a clear line on what is OK about themed weddings and what is certainly not when they shared their long-time friend Lexa's wedding plans.

"She and her husband are extreme Game of Thrones fans," Fluffy explained. "They've watched the show more than five times each, their house is decked out with Game of Thrones-themed decorations, accessories, etc. And, because of their shared love of Game of Thrones, Lexa and her fiancé decided to have a Game of Thrones-themed wedding."

Statues of fictional characters Night King and White Walkers are displayed during a press preview of Game of Thrones

"I am perfectly fine with the idea of a themed wedding," they continued. "I am even OK with the Game of Thrones costumes for the wedding. The only thing I can't seem to get behind is the fact that the majority of the wedding will be conducted in High Valyrian."

For those who don't know, High Valyrian is a mythical language created by Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin. Few in the book's land speak the language, because its native speakers dissipated after the city of Old Valyria fell during war times, but those who belong to House Targaryen, like Daenerys Targaryen, are of Valyrian descent and maintain the language. 

George R.R. Martin

On top of the wedding being held in Valyrian, "Her wedding is also a destination wedding, and I'm finding it hard to justify going out of my way to go to a wedding that's not even in a real language that I won't be able to understand."

To clarify, Fluffy followed up with questions left by commenters and added: "The reception will also be in High Valyrian, and all speeches and toasts are expected to be in High Valyrian, too."

After hearing about Lexa's wedding, many commenters agreed that while the bride is certainly entitled to host any kind of wedding that she'd like, invitees are equally allowed to accept or decline the invitation.

"Your friends can have whatever kind of wedding they’d like. And as long as you are polite and graceful about it, you are not obligated to attend."


"Weddings like these are so cringey for those not in the same 'place' as the couple. They can do whatever they want for a wedding, but they must accept that other people may not be into it and may not want to attend."


Others felt that, as long as Fluffy was simply a guest and not required to make a speech (and therefore learn High Valyrian), they should go to support:

"I'd suggest going and just not making a speech. Enjoy the party, but if it's expected that you learn to speak High Valyrian, then that seems like a lot of pressure for something that is supposed to be fun."


And those who have been to weddings held in a different language tended to point out that the practice is not uncommon, and attending a wedding that is held in a language some do not understand is not a good enough excuse to miss out:

"What does the language being made up have to do with anything? Weddings are commonly held in languages many, if not most, of the attendees don't actually speak. I've been to numerous weddings that were in Latin, Hebrew, Spanish, and even one in Japanese. Fluffy would have us believe they'd be fine going to any of those, but for some reason, it's the language being fictional that bothers them."


"I will say that it seems weird that you'd be upset that, I dunno, 10 minutes of the ceremony will be in a language you don't understand. I mean, I've been to weddings that had a whole-ass mass attached.

"It's a weird choice they're making, not one that I think most people would make, but it's also pretty harmless."


And finally, the comment we've all been waiting for:

"I wouldn’t feel safe attending a GOT-themed wedding. Who knows if it’ll be red."


Where do you land? Let me know your thoughts in the comments