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    17 People Who Have Met Murderers In Real Life Shared Their First Impressions Of Them, And It's Scary How Normal They Seem

    "Honestly, he just seemed like a normal guy..."

    Note: This article shares details behind murder cases, which may be disturbing to read. 

    If you, like me, love documentaries about true crime yet watch scary movies through your fingers, then I have the perfect thread for you. Redditor u/VentSauxe asked: "People who have met murderers, what were they like?" And the responses will keep you scrolling.

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    Here are a few of the top voted stories:

    1. "The name he went by was Sid. I didn’t know much about him except that he came from out west. He was quiet and a hard worker. I was running a tire shop with a max of two other employees, and some nights it was just me and Sid closing the shop. At one point, Sid, who had only worked at my shop for about a month, stopped showing up. We had a high turnover rate so I thought nothing of it."

    A car tire
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    "Months later, a pair of detectives showed up at my shop with some pictures of a man who looked familiar. It was Sid. They wouldn’t tell me why they were looking for him but a quick Google search pulled up his warrants for arrest in several states. He had murder charges for several people, not to mention firearms charges and theft."


    2. "I used to work in a pub when I was 21. A prison guard would finish his day with a pint and chat with me before heading home to his family. He spent every day with the serial killer Peter Sutcliffe (the Yorkshire Ripper) and just referred to him as Pete."

    A photo of Peter Sutcliffe
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    "In 1981, Peter was found guilty of murdering 13 women and attempting to murder 7 others between 1975 and 1980. Peter and the prison guard spent hours every day chatting and playing pool. He made a point of saying that he didn’t regard ‘Pete’ as a friend and couldn’t understand why he did what he did, but he had a duty to offer him care as part of his job."


    3. "I worked with Ann. She was a small, mousy, and nice person. I was surprised to learn she stabbed her ex-husband in the heart with a butcher’s knife over a custody dispute. She was drunk and the ex confronted her about it while recording her with a camera. She snapped and stabbed him. She called paramedics and somehow he survived."

    An old video camera
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    4. "He was a good grandpa type. He used to take me fishing when I was 10 years old. He lived with his daughter and her dumb boyfriend in a family house that he bought with his money. The son-in-law was abusive to him, called him useless, and bullied him. So one day, he got fed up with that. The already half-blind man who could barely walk took out his pistol and shot him in the face. He's now in prison."

    An old man and young boy fishing
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    5. "[My mom] used to serve Ivan Milat regularly at the roadhouse she worked in. He was an active serial killer at that stage. A few things she said: He was a mega-racist and used to buy $5 worth of fuel twice a day (once to get to work, the other to get home) because he 'didn’t want the Blacks to nick [his car].' And was really picky about manners. If he said 'thank you,' he would wait until they said 'you’re welcome' before he would move."

    A photo of Ivan Milat
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    6. "My uncle is a now-retired pastor. While he was still active, he was friends with a church member who turned out to be a serial killer. In fact, it was through the church that he was finally caught after many years. My aunt actually worked at a prison as a criminal psychologist and she was wrecked by the idea that she never perceived him as a murderer."

    A church
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    7. "I’m a nurse at a state prison and I’ve worked in our maximum security dorms for over two years. One dorm is protective custody — the offenders that face being assaulted or killed if they were to be out in general population — and the other dorm is the REAL maximum security where they keep very violent offenders who have a history of assaults or writes up. I’ve seen the exact same type of person in each dorm, just depending on who it is.

    Prison bars
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    "Some murderers are just violent, hotheaded, 'I have nothing to live for because I already got life with no parole' type of guys. And others are always super polite and respectful, and try to stay out of trouble. I find that the ones who are in for a murder that wasn’t planned are more docile. They don’t necessarily talk about remorse and it’s not my place to ask, but you can tell there is shame and usually subsequent mental health issues with depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc."


    8. "I met a triple murderer who was the uncle of an associate of mine when I was a teenager. The story I heard was that he had killed three people who tried to rob him during a drug deal. He spent a considerable amount of time in prison but was out by the late 1990s when I met him. My impression was that he was used to people being afraid of him. He was perfectly normal to me."

    The back of a man's head
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    9. "When I was in high school, he was friends with pretty close friends of mine. He hung out with us and he was pretty chill and popular. The worst thing I ever heard about him — at the time — was that he was the guy who was always talking about a new awesome idea he'd had but never actually did anything about it. He murdered his mother, then threw a three-day party while the corpse laid in the master bedroom's bathroom."

    Party favors
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    10. "We talked a lot about bucket lists and cats. He seemed like a kind person. The day he killed his newborn child, he looked sick and pale. Later that week, he was all over the news with his girlfriend/accomplice. That took me by surprise because he was so nice beforehand."

    An empty bassinet
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    11. "He was a roommate of mine and honestly, he was very protective of me but hostile to most people. He took me under his wing because I was made fun of a lot. I should have seen the red flags, though. Once, he beat my puppies when I went on a date. I moved out immediately after that."

    A puppy
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    "He got evicted shortly after... He had a Bowflex that he loved and he let a neighbor store it for him while he got himself set up at an apartment. He apparently went back to get it and they got into an argument. He stabbed the neighbor nine times in the back. He got caught shortly after and is serving 25-to-life."


    12. "When I was a freshman in college, I took a criminal justice class where we were able to tour a prison. Our tour guide was a female inmate who was in her early sixties. She didn’t mention the reason why she was in prison so I googled her. Apparently, she shot her ex-husband and his new girlfriend in their home. Wouldn’t have guessed."

    The outside of a prison
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    13. "We played basketball together and would even hang out at each other's houses. In general, he was the sweetest guy you could imagine; he would always be very polite to everyone. I couldn't imagine him killing an ant at the time. He and his girlfriend had a brilliant idea that they could kill this dude and sell his (very nice) car so that they could get some money to enjoy life."

    A basketball hoop
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    "The body was found a couple of days later, after which they came forward and confessed. I think the girl is out of the prison by now and he will be too in a couple of years."


    14. "When I was 17, I was in a bar one night with my stepbrother. While he was at the bar, this guy came over and started hitting on me. Nothing weird or sinister about him, but not my type and clearly too old. My stepbrother came back from the bar and suddenly started acting like we were a couple. He put his arm around me and held hard eye contact with the guy. I figured something wasn’t right and went along with it."

    A busy street with a bar
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    "After, I asked him what it was all about, thinking it was him being the defensive big brother because I was underage or something. Nope. Turns out that the guy had murdered his ex and her new boyfriend in a jealous rage, but got off on a technicality. Honestly, he just seemed like a normal guy; nothing about him spooked me at the time."


    15. "One night, a man my grandmother vaguely knew came to her door. He said he needed a ride. She looked into his eyes and they were jet-black, scary. All her senses were saying 'nope.' She turned around and yelled for my grandpa, saying, 'Someone is here and needs a ride!' My grandpa was infirm at the time and lying in the bedroom, unable to really get up or do anything. The guy left and did the same thing at an 80-year-old woman’s house. He strangled her to death."

    A man knocking on the door
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    16. "My sister had a boyfriend when she was 17. He was an asshole and didn’t treat her well at all. He came round once, and I had some little figurines of different bugs that I collected when I was 7. He asked to see one of them and then melted it over a candle... Eventually my sister went to university and he found someone else. Ten years later he was in the news because he had killed his wife."

    A burning candle
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    17. "I remember visiting my mom at work and he was an ordinary employee, but I would avoid him. I was 11 at the time. I remember telling my mom that her boss's son gave me the creeps. My mom was really close to her boss and we would hang out at their lake house during the summer. One day, we were out fishing on the lake and he picked me up, playing like he was going to throw me in the water. I freaked out and started punching him... A few months later, he was arrested for the murder of his girlfriend."

    An ominous lake
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