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People Are Sharing Things That Are Considered Trashy If You're Poor But Classy If You're Rich, And There's A Double Standard

Van Life vs. Living Out Of Your Car

Double standards exist throughout our society. However, when people think of double standards, they often consider the differences between men and women, but one TikTok user is challenging the internet to consider the differences in how we perceive rich and poor people doing the same actions.

User @cajunventures recently went viral after asking, "What's considered trashy if you're poor but classy if you're rich?" And, to get the ball rolling, she pointed out that there is a disconnect between how we look at those who are rich and poor when "the most expensive thing they own is a really old car."

Others quickly chimed in with their own food for thought, and here are some of the best responses:

1. "Tiny houses. Essentially, they're trailers with fancy names. People look down on living in a trailer, but people live in tiny houses and consider it to be minimalistic."

2. "Immigration. If you have money, you have a privilege of having a good life when you're an immigrant. You have the privilege of having a good apartment, good living, getting your documents easier — you just do. If you don't have money, you're basically fighting for a good life and people look down on you."


3. "Eating cheese and crackers as a meal."

4. "Not having a job. If you're poor and don't have a job, or have to rely on others, you're considered trashy. But if you're rich and don't have a job and you rely on your spouse, you're considered lucky or fortunate."


5. "Homelessness. Rich white kids have gentrified living in vans and cars. It's the 'cool, new thing.'"

6. "Eating ramen. If you're poor, it's the last thing you can find in your cupboard the day before pay day. If you're rich, you just dropped $30 at a restaurant on one bowl of noodles."


7. "Thrifting. If you're wealthy and you thrift, you are 'on trend,' you are 'environmentally conscious.' But if you're poor, that's what you 'have to do.'"

8. "Having multiple jobs. If you have to work three jobs just to feed your family, somehow you're trashy." [Otherwise, you're business-savvy with multiple streams of income.]


9. "Not taking care of your kids. When [the less fortunate] do it, it's neglect. When rich people do it, it's called having a nanny."

10. "Fake teeth."


11. "Going to the casino. When I used to live in Las Vegas, all the tourists would come. You know, high rollers. People would spend tons of money. The rich would go to the table games and spend an exorbitant amount of money, just like on one hand. But when I lived in Illinois, the casinos are usually located in poorer towns, and the people that are in there...[are seen as being] addicted to gambling."

12. "Doing drugs. When rich people do drugs, it's an 'aesthetic,' but when poor people do drugs, it's them 'throwing away their life.'"


13. "Intermittent fasting."


14. "If you camp and you're rich, you 'love exploring' and you're 'sooo adventurous.' But if you sleep outside and you're poor, they call you homeless."

15. "I'm going to say: not paying your fair share in taxes."


16. "Being a daily drinker. If you're poor and you're a daily drinker, you're 'just an alcoholic.' But if you're rich and a daily drinker, you've 'got a nice bourbon collection.'"


17. "Naming your kids weird names. Like, think back to school with all the weird names [and how it was perceived]...but then you've got Elon Musk naming his kid X Æ A-Xii."