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    21 People Exposed Their Exes Who Weren't Worth 💩, And It's A Perfectly Messy Start To Your Day

    "My ex-fiancé tried to get me to dress and do my hair and makeup like an ex to look more like her."

    Recently, TikToker @theeglamnaija shared a story about how her previous partner felt they needed time apart so they could focus on work and their goals. However, just a few days later, her ex got back together with one of their former exes.


    The fact that this story was only the beginning💀 #storytime #lgbtq #femsoftiktok

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    Sharing in her pain, other users told their own stories in the comment section about exes who ended up not being worth the time of day and these are some of the wildest replies:


    My ex, minutes after meeting my best friend: "Funny, she's way more my type." They're married now.


    When my ex-wife told me she cheated with 21 different people


    When he broke up with me because I told him that his friends shouldn't have a say on our relationship


    He didn't come to visit me when I was in the ER super sick. But his best friend did; therefore, I left him for his best friend.


    My ex telling me to take my dog off life support because she was a cat person. Dog is happy and healthy and I'm now single.


    He kept comparing me to his mom while he also consistently talked bad about her


    Mine was when she said "it's your responsibility as my partner to take care of my emotional trauma"


    When I told my ex that my uncle died and he left me on read for over 24 hours and acted like he didn't see it because he was at the beach


    My first-ever relationship: "I'm only with you so I can get the girl I'm actually interested in to be jealous and want me"


    When my ex-fiancé tried to get me to dress, do my hair, and makeup like an ex-friend to look more like her


    When mine was using me as an emotional void and never being there for me when I was having a bad time


    Being in the talking stage for one year and five months, and him telling me he feels like we're rushing when I ask are we going to take it to the next level


    When he ghosted me after almost a full year of dating


    My ex-husband told me he would cheat on me because he felt I was pretty and his self-esteem was hurt by my looks


    I have long hair and I wanted to cut it. I told him I'll just cut that much off. He told me, "Then talk to me when that much grows back."


    I asked her to stop being five hours late to hanging out with me, and she told me no


    When my ex told me to try harder to win him back when he was already in a relationship with another girl


    He told me to my face, "Do not expect me to put a ring on it because I won't"


    I drunkenly asked my ex if he was ever going to love me in my love language and [he] straight up said no


    She told me she doesn't think she can ever come with me to visit my country because she'd rather spend money on shopping


    I said my family was going to my gram's for Sunday dinner. He said, "Why is your family trying to keep us apart."

    *Facepalm* Now I'm curious. When did you realize you were better off single? If you're comfortable sharing, let us know in the comments.