17 People Shared The Simple Concepts That Confused Them As Kids, And The Responses Are Hilarious

    "My mom got fired from her job and I thought they were going to light her on fire."

    When my sister was younger, she loved old movies and thought the world used to look exactly how it was portrayed on film. Once, she innocently asked my mom, "Were you alive when the world was black and white?"

    Many people on Twitter have similar stories of when their childlike mind drew the strangest conclusions before they knew better. Here are some of our fave responses, which range from hilarious to outrageous:


    @sumerianbby my mom got fired from her job when I was little and I cried bc I thought that meant they were going to light her on fire

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    @veganbxtch @sumerianbby When I was 6, my parents told me I had a doctor appointment so I would leave early from school to get a shot and I thought it meant that I was going to the doctor to literally get shot 😭

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    @katie__childs @veganbxtch @sumerianbby When I was super young we went to church and I couldn't see over the pews. It was a catholic church, I remember them ringing the little bells, and not long after some women walked up front to help with the wine, well a baby started crying. I thought these people were sacrifices😂

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    @sumerianbby My mom got me ready one day in the morning and didn't say where we were going. Went to a building with lots of kids, I start playing & then I saw my mom speed walking out the building. I started bawling thinking I was being abandoned. It was day care.

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    @sumerianbby I thought being laid off was a good thing/promotion so I was in daycare the next day telling errrrybody my father was ✨laid off✨😌

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    @sumerianbby My cousin one time was singing a song and I heard it on the radio the next day.. I was so proud of him thinking it was his song lol😅 how disappointed i was when i found out pple were allowed to sing songs they didn’t write.

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    @GloomyFrench @sumerianbby When I was 5, my mom came out into the living room while I was playing games, crawling around merging ungodly noises. I thought she was being silly, so I crawled with her and tried to like ride her like a horse. She was in labor. I was like "lol that's cool"

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    @sumerianbby I had a crying, hyperventilating panic attack when I was like 10 because I had masturbated and thought that meant I was going to hell. My very religious aunty was confused, worried and kept asking me what was wrong but I was ashamed and inconsolable.

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    @sumerianbby I was like 8 and someone told me penises are shaped like corkscrews. I spent years thinking a penis looked exactly like a corkscrew until they added sex Ed in my middle school requirements and I was bamboozled that it indeed, did not look like a corkscrew.

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    @sumerianbby When I was 7/8 my dad took me to Trader Joe's as a surprise and I got really mad at him because he didn't tell me to bring anything to trade

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    @sumerianbby ...up until like age 8 I used to think that everybody and everything in the world stopped until I was in the area. I deadass thought there was literally no movement at all until I came on the scene 💀 idk why

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    @sumerianbby I used to think when an actor died in a movie, they were permanently dead. Like why tf would you sign your life away for one movie and then die?

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    @sumerianbby when i was like 5 or 6 i saw my parents wedding tape and PISSED i wasnt invited! Telling my dad i am ur son, ur first born son and u had my cousins there and not me! Thinking they just left me at home and got married, when i really wasnt born yet lol!

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    @sumerianbby Before I knew what a live studio audience was, I thought that the people you hear laughing while watching TV were people in their houses. I would sit very close to the TV and laugh ignorantly loud so they could hear me too

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    @Basie_Skanks @sumerianbby I used to get mad when Dora asks “what was your favorite part?” Cause I’d go “umm, I like the part with-“ and she’d cut me off to go “I like that part too.” I used to be like I helped this girl out and she won’t even let me get a word in

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    @sumerianbby Nah because when I was little, my mom would take me to the doctor and I would see her fill out the little chart, and when I saw the “sex” part (asking about my gender) and she circled “F” for “female,” I thought it meant I had sex “Frequently” and I got mad because she was lying

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    @sumerianbby I remember when my dad told me that cheese with holes in was called hiccup cheese, because the cows had hiccups when they made it. I carried that until I was 18. Got laughed out the pub. Told the story a couple years later, I was laughed at again for thinking cows made cheese.

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    What concepts confused you as a child? If you're comfortable sharing, let us know in the comments.