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    Millennials, I'm Sorry To Break This To You, But If You Do Any Of These Actions, Then You're Getting Old

    "I clap when I laugh now."

    Recently, we asked millennials across the BuzzFeed Community to share the relatively new habits they've developed, and their responses reveal an unavoidable truth: We're getting old, y'all.

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    If you relate to any of the following, then I'm sorry, but you're old now too:

    1. "Anytime I hear noise outside after 10 p.m.: 'What are they DOING out there?'"


    2. "Making a groaning noise when I stand up, regardless of how long I’ve been sitting down."


    3. "I got ridiculously excited the other day when I finally took down all the blinds in my house and cleaned them, top to bottom, with soap and a rag and a hose to blast away all the dirt. I keep looking at them, all clean, thinking...ahhh...calming peace."


    4. "Hating loud music. Unless we're at a live show, turn it doooown. I can't hear myself or the person I'm talking to!"

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    5. "I mostly don't mind the youths just doing their youth thing, except the goddamned scooters they all take everywhere. They are a literal menace to pedestrians AND cars AND bikes AND baby Jesus. It is the most concentrated form of chaotic energy I have ever witnessed."


    6. "Having to ask my younger sister to translate certain phrases for me. I thought ‘ong’ was people misspelling ‘omg,’ not ‘on God.’ What does that even mean? I still don’t get it."


    7. "Rage cleaning is definitely a thing, and it's the only way things get clean around here."

    Alex F

    8. "Staring out a window when there’s a bad storm with a tornado watch — like, now that I’m 30, I’m immune to dangerous weather."


    9. "Choosing veggies over fries as a side."

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    10. "I knew I had switched into auntie mode when I got super excited about buying a powerful new vacuum."


    11. "I don't use Twitter, Snapchat, or TikTok. I can barely use Instagram. I'm 36 and feel like an elderly person."


    12. "My medicine cabinet is a literal pharmacy. In my 20s it had Advil, those mini liquor bottles, and dust bunnies. Now it has joint supplements, creams, antacids, allergy meds, Flonase...and the other half of CVS."


    13. "Listening to podcasts. They're basically talk radio for millennials."


    14. "REJOICING when plans are canceled."

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    15. "Being happy about getting socks as gifts."


    16. "Having a doctor walk into the room and realizing they are younger than I am."

    Ice Cream Paint Job

    17. "Seeing children and realizing they're going to outlive me."

    Ice Cream Paint Job

    18. "I refuse to do more than two social activities a week. Maybe two during the workweek and one on the weekend, but that's it. Being at home in the evening has become a top priority of mine lately. Seeing people is exhausting, no matter how much I like them."


    19. "I have hit the ceiling with a broom handle more than once."

    Older woman jumping up in a house while holding a broom
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    20. "Dude, the bliss I feel looking at bath mats in T.J. Maxx is so weird, but they're so beautiful."


    21. "I fall asleep on the couch alllllll the time now. Like, at least once a week, I just pass out for no real reason. And it’s at, like, 7, 8 p.m."


    22. "I don’t drink because beer and wine give me heartburn, and a single cocktail gets me drunk."


    23. "I could basically live out of my center console in my car. Lotion, floss, a toothbrush, baby wipes, deodorant, nail clippers, and so much other stuff is all in the car, just in case."


    24. "Having a favorite muscle balm."


    25. "Staying home to avoid a hot part of the day."

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    26. "I used to think college kids were cool. Now I view them as children."


    27. "Mentally preparing myself for an evening out, especially if I’ve worked that day."


    28. "We just built a house, and there's a pull-out garbage can and recycling in the kitchen. My brother and sister-in-law came over and he was like, 'Show her the garbage can!' You just don't appreciate some things until you're older."


    29. "I have an involuntary reflex of yelling 'Walk!' when I see kids running places they could get hurt, like at pools or in crowded places."


    30. "I clap when I laugh now."

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    31. "I wake up at 7 a.m. ON PURPOSE so that I have more hours to get stuff done."


    32. "I don't know ANY of these new rappers. DaBaby, Lil Baby, Baby Shark…they’re all the same."


    Now I've got to know — what auntie/uncle tendencies have you picked up as you've gotten older? Let us know in the comments!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.