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    North West Has Been On TikTok For Less Than A Week, And People Are Already Asking Her To Show Pete Davidson, Credit Cards, And More

    "Have you seen that trend where you show all your parents' bank info?"

    You know North West, the iconic singer of "What Are Those, These Are Clothes" and daughter to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

    It's no secret that the doll has been carrying the Kardashian clan on her back since birth. But recently, the 8-year-old decided to flex her influencer fingers by joining TikTok on a joint account with her mom.

    The adorable videos feature breakdowns with Kim as a backup dancer, as well as montages of her favorite products, the Kardashian-West household, and days out with her cousins.

    Within just three days since her first video, Northie has already amassed 1.7 million followers – many of whom have flooded the comment section with tongue-in-cheek requests to hear more about Kim's relationship with Pete Davidson:

    north baby was there a tall white guy at thanksgiving?
    Northie, show us the tall funny pale man

    They're also asking if Northie knows how to do a little trick called a "wire transfer":

    Have you seen that trend where you show all your parents bank info. Another person said "ok north have you ever heard of this game called Zelle it's super fun and easy to learn"
    Another person wrote "northyyy do you know how to do a bank transfer"

    Or if North knows where her mommy keeps that funny, plastic card with all the weird numbers:

    northie can we have a tour of your mummy's purse and then post the piece of card that has loads of numbers on?

    They'll even take a check:

    Hey u know how to write a check?

    And some will settle for simply knowing the name of auntie Kylie's new baby:

    north, u and me go way back!! what's auntie Kylie's new child gonna be named?

    I can only imagine Kim's eye-roll when she saw the comments, but they're hilarious.