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    People Are Cracking Jokes About How Nick Cannon Spent Mother's Day, And Y'all Are Wild

    "Nick Cannon's Multiverse of Madness was Mother's Day."

    Yesterday, while most were sharing photos of their moms, grandmas, and other matriarchs in honor of Mother's Day, Black Twitter resorted to their regularly scheduled chaotic shenanigans. This time, the trending joke of the day centered around Nick Cannon and a few speculations about how the father of eight may have spent the holiday weekend celebrating the moms of his children.

    a close uop of Nick

    Here are a few of the top-liked jokes:


    Nick Cannon had to get up at 5:30am to start sending his Happy Mother’s Day texts

    Twitter: @DeeLaSheeArt / Via Twitter: @DeeLaSheeArt


    Nick Cannon facetiming all his baby mommas for Mother’s Day

    Twitter: @KyrieIrvingSage / Via Twitter: @KyrieIrvingSage


    Me trying to find gifts after Nick Cannon finishes his Mother’s Day shopping.

    Twitter: @Chris_Najdek / Via Twitter: @Chris_Najdek


    The florist after fulfilling Nick Cannon's mothers day order....

    Twitter: @Biggirlslay / Via Twitter: @Biggirlslay


    Nick Cannon can literally have a banquet for Mother’s Day💀

    Twitter: @codenamearee / Via Twitter: @codenamearee


    Nick Cannon calling all of his baby mommas to tell them “Happy Mother’s Day” like:

    Twitter: @JTriplett0825 / Via Twitter: @JTriplett0825


    Nick Cannon’s Multiverse of Madness was Mother’s Day

    Twitter: @finalbestie / Via Twitter: @finalbestie


    All of Nick Cannon baby mammas pulling up on Mother’s Day to collect child support

    Twitter: @UptownDC_Rich / Via Twitter: @UptownDC_Rich


    y’all think nick cannon texted everyone individually or he just put all the women in a group chat to tell them happy mother’s day?

    Twitter: @neptunewavey / Via Twitter: @neptunewavey


    Boy I just know Nick Cannon got a busy ass day today Lmaoooo

    Twitter: @D_1andOnly_ / Via Twitter: @D_1andOnly_


    I know nick cannon be wore out after his Mother’s Day world tour each year

    Twitter: @TanniesEatCDs7 / Via Twitter: @TanniesEatCDs7


    Nick Cannon trying to remember who all he needs to get a gift for on Mother’s Day

    Ruff Ryders / Twitter: @cocropoker / Via Twitter: @cocropoker


    nick cannon saying happy mother’s day today

    Twitter: @urnotthatscary / Via Twitter: @urnotthatscary


    Nick cannon after celebrating Mother’s Day with the 5th baby momma

    Twitter: @sweetnovacane / Via Twitter: @sweetnovacane


    @D_1andOnly_ Nick cannon sitting in his house contemplating how he gone call his 62 baby mamas and tell them happy Mother’s Day

    Twitter: @Dro2H / Via Twitter: @Dro2H

    16. In conclusion:

    The fact that Nick Cannon is trending on Mother’s Day…. i love this app…you all are terrible ppl, but amazing at the same time

    Twitter: @Kyla_Lacey / Via Twitter: @Kyla_Lacey