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    People Who Have Given Birth Are Sharing The Unspoken Side Effects Of Pregnancy, And TBH, They're Terrifying

    "My hip popped out of place."

    I've heard that raising a child can feel like one of life's best and biggest accomplishments — but, TBH, giving birth looks like a nightmare. So, because I'm a masochist who is already terrified by the idea of pushing a whole human being out of my vagina, I couldn't stop myself from flipping through the comments under Twitter user Maya Angelique's post about horror stories associated with pregnancy.

    The fact that women can break bones, lose teeth, etc during pregnancy is terrifying wtf😭😭

    Twitter: @moneyymaya / Via Twitter: @moneyymaya

    Prompted by her fear, people who have given birth began sharing their own horror stories in the comments, and each reply will have you reading through your fingertips. Here are some of the most ghastly experiences:


    @moneyymaya @Artsyserialkil1 Yup. I was on bedrest for 5 months because my pelvis softened too much too soon - basically anytime I took a step I would risk dislocating my leg. Then, for 23 hours of labor, my 3 epidurals did absolutely nothing for my pelvic pain because "it won't help bone pain".

    Twitter: @fervorcandleco / Via Twitter: @fervorcandleco


    @cari_mclellan @moneyymaya It was the smell. I become basically a bloodhound with my pregnancies. At one point I had a basset hound and ferrets. Both carry odors, and I could hardly look at a picture of my basset hound without gagging. I'm pregnant now with #4 and it's not as bad this time.

    Twitter: @ShyMommy29 / Via Twitter: @ShyMommy29


    @moneyymaya My pregnancy wasn’t bad…pretty damn mild actually. I only had round ligament pain and my eczema was terrible. But postpartum??? I’ve had acid reflux that has put me in the hospital. The only thing doctors can attribute it to is body changes after pregnancy 🙃

    Twitter: @MerakiMuse / Via Twitter: @MerakiMuse


    @moneyymaya Yep... my memory has not been the same, lower back pain from the epidural still goin strong, and my teeth jacked up and I love smiling 😶 well. Used to. Lost all my edges too, some women get very close to going bald after birth..

    Twitter: @starlighTess6 / Via Twitter: @starlighTess6


    @moneyymaya i'm now anemic, have teeth/gum problems, had hair loss, permanent pain in my pelvis, my feet grew half a size, and my boobs randomly get this prickly feeling (like a letdown) even though he's been weaned for over a year. yeah.

    Twitter: @datasschakra / Via Twitter: @datasschakra


    @moneyymaya Mine gave me gestational diabetes , gallbladder issues surfaced during my pregnancy and right after birth one of my ovary started twisting… on top of other things. This was my first pregnancy my little man is almost 10months and I’m scared to ever get pregnant again LOL!

    Twitter: @AstroGirlJJ / Via Twitter: @AstroGirlJJ


    @moneyymaya The sciatic nerve pain that will never go away! My 1st sons head was so low I grew an operable hemorrhoid. My csection scar still burns when I ovulate. I can sneeze/cough real good and pee my pants. Sometimes I can’t believe I carried 3 babies to term what was I thinking. 🥴🥴🥴

    Twitter: @nnekawith2ns / Via Twitter: @nnekawith2ns


    @moneyymaya when I was pregnant I had a vitamin d deficiency, I had low sugar, my hip popped out of place almost every day, I still cant feel when my bladder is full, I have bad memory. my sugar was so low my doctors were telling me to eat candy and twinkies for breakfast 🥴😭

    Twitter: @deitheartist / Via Twitter: @deitheartist


    @moneyymaya My mom & I nearly died during my birth (preclampsia almost shut down her liver) & it triggered a lifelong thyroid issue. It's not the #1 reason I don't want kids, but it is why I'll forever be baffled by people that think you're "missing out" by not putting yourself though that.

    Twitter: @ntrglcticwalrus / Via Twitter: @ntrglcticwalrus


    @moneyymaya Second pregnancy was shitty. I was nauseous all 9 I was nauseous until the moment they pull her out from my c-section 😩😩🥴. Also also had pretty bad calcium loss (teeth are pretty shitty now) and the most intense nipple pain that just would randomly appear

    Twitter: @Notchypoo / Via Twitter: @Notchypoo


    @moneyymaya @PaleighMM My hearing isn’t so good after pregnancy ☹️ and my joints are still weak and painful a month after giving birth. Can’t even use my right hand properly 💔 coz of loose joints

    Twitter: @fuefuelux / Via Twitter: @fuefuelux


    @moneyymaya You can even grow a tooth as well. My cousin and I were pregnant at the same time and she grew a tooth. I was like wtf 😲😲😲.

    Twitter: @Neisha_SoSweet / Via Twitter: @Neisha_SoSweet


    @moneyymaya Oh yeah I had a clogged milk duct when I was pregnant which caused me to leak blood so I had to get a mammogram and a catheter through my nipple. Fun

    Twitter: @kaylawest08 / Via Twitter: @kaylawest08


    @moneyymaya i know this is common but my aunt gave birth to my cousin and she bled so much that they literally had to stuff her like a rotisserie chicken because of it, she fainted shortly after it. giving birth is INSANE and then there's parenting, bYE i'm glad i found this tweet 💀

    Twitter: @loverofsapphics / Via Twitter: @loverofsapphics


    @moneyymaya My stomach got BLACK AF after I had my baby: never again.

    Twitter: @chan2much / Via Twitter: @chan2much


    @moneyymaya i saw a tiktok of a lady saying that after she gave birth her uterus collapased and was hanging out and it looked like a jellyfish.... i'd cry

    Twitter: @dead1_y / Via Twitter: @dead1_y


    @moneyymaya I had problems with my teeth during pregnancy. Kept going to the dentist for temporary fillings but they kept falling out every 1-2 months. In the end, had to get 3 extractions after I gave birth. Also ripped on both sides and the perineum...

    Twitter: @acoruga / Via Twitter: @acoruga


    @moneyymaya My grandmother had a stroke after giving birth to her 4th child. Couldn't remember ever giving birth, or being pregnant. She went on like this, raising a child she didn't remember for about a year. Then one day it all came back and she went back to her normal self.

    Twitter: @g_yaunti_ / Via Twitter: @g_yaunti_

    Did you experience any side effects during or after pregnancy? If you're comfortable sharing, let us know in the comments.

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