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    Michelle Obama's Book Tour Outfits Have Not Taken Their Foot Off My Neck, And I Love It

    Excuse me, @MichelleObama, can you please tell us who your stylist is? Because we're in desperate need of tips.

    Exactly one month ago, former first lady Michelle Obama released her latest book, The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times. Based on her own experiences, the book is full of advice on how to navigate changes in life — and though that's incredible and inspiring, that's not what we're here to talk about.

    We're here because Michelle is currently touring with her book across the nation, and (respectfully) she looks DAMN GOOD.

    Comments saying their "forever first lady" has been serving looks on the tour, and "Why you have to eat this look up like this, Aunty Chell?"

    Starting out hot, Michelle wore this jumpsuit with a cinched waist on her Chicago stop:

    Love the swooped bay-ang and matching heels:

    In San Francisco, Auntie paired wide-leg jeans with a black bodysuit and wrap:

    Who told her to be so stylish?

    Then she did a second night in the city, and though everything about the video below is corny, her outfit certainly isn't:

    I feel like this fit is straight out of TikTok:

    When Michelle was paired with Tracee Ellis Ross, the duo wore fun suits together. Michelle opted for a deep velvet green that I can imagine many of us begging our friends to "feel it" if we saw this in a store:

    And obviously she had to go for a crisp white when sitting down with the legendary queen of interviews, Oprah:

    Later in the tour, I was thrilled to see Michelle going back to her tried-and-true staple: a plum monochrome moment...

    ...because who could ever forget this Inauguration Day lewk that broke the internet? Not I.

    Barack and Michelle Obama masked and holding hands

    Shifting into something super classy, Michelle stunned in this yellow two-piece:

    Michelle smilng

    Let me give y'all some angles:

    Michelle's profile as she sits

    Then she proved that she could look just as good in something more casual:

    I've never looked this good in denim on denim, and I never will:

    Michelle, in denim jeans and jacket, standing and holding a microphone

    She can do denim, tracksuits, up, down, or full-on leather, as she did in Atlanta, where she was joined onstage by Tyler Perry:

    Michelle sitting onstage with Tyler and they're both holding microphones

    Madame can honestly do it all, and I will continue tuning in for each fashion moment.

    What an icon.