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    23 Men Who Woke Up, Decided To Cheat, And Then Had The Audacity To Lie About It

    "That he lives in a five bedroom house — just him, his daughter and his daughter's nanny/help. The nanny/help in question was his wife."

    I'm not a dramatic person, but I love other people's drama. Reading about the mess some have to deal with is like reality show fanfiction, and if you're like me, then I have the perfect thread for you. This weekend, Twitter user @Pooooossaa asked: "Ladies, what's the wildest lie a man ever told you?"

    Ladies what’s the wildest lie a man ever told you?

    Twitter: @Pooooossaa / Via Twitter: @Pooooossaa

    Though the question was general, most chimed in with stories about times when they caught their man cheating and then the guy had the AUDACITY to lie about it. Here's the wildest tales:

    And shoutout to Black Twitter for keeping my timeline entertaining! 


    @Pooooossaa caught him stood behind another girl with his arms wrapped round her waist (in the middle of a festival crowd) and he said he was helping her stand up because she had MS

    Twitter: @pppaaige / Via Twitter: @pppaaige


    @Pooooossaa He told me he was going on vacation for a couple of weeks. He was actually getting married and going on his honeymoon.

    Twitter: @IamKimDonaldson / Via Twitter: @IamKimDonaldson


    @Pooooossaa He told me his homegirl/assistant was sleeping on his couch until she got on her feet. Whole time he was the homeless one, driving her car and had her sleeping on HER couch while we slept in HER bed 😭said he thought he told me but he guess it was one of his other personalities

    Twitter: @216ix / Via Twitter: @216ix


    @Pooooossaa Told me he was adopting a baby because I didn’t wanna have a baby with him. I obviously didn’t believe it but he was very serious. Only to find out he’s been married for almost 3 years and his wife was about to give birth that week 😂😂

    Twitter: @Nki19 / Via Twitter: @Nki19


    @Pooooossaa I caught my ex in a room with another girl and he told me my eyes were deceiving me… “who you going to believe me or your imagination” I’m glad somebody else was with me when it happened lol

    Twitter: @Ky_Denae / Via Twitter: @Ky_Denae


    @Pooooossaa For weeks, he had me driving around this girl who was 6 months pregnant and saying it was his “sister”. Turns out it was his very pregnant babymomma. Then he had the audacity after I broke it off with him to ask me to take her to her appointments still

    Twitter: @queenofc_ / Via Twitter: @queenofc_


    had a suspicion he was on tinder so i downloaded it and saw him in the first 3 swipes. he told me my phone was glitching. then my friend found him and sent a screenshot. he said her phone was glitching. then i saw the app on his phone. guess what he said LMAO

    Twitter: @chrissychlapp / Via Twitter: @chrissychlapp


    I found a red hair strand on his hoodie & he said he hugged a clown on the way home.

    Twitter: @kngelique / Via Twitter: @kngelique


    That he lives in a 5bedroom house just him, his daughter and his daughters nanny/help.. the nanny/help in question was his wife.

    Twitter: @MsChloe / Via Twitter: @MsChloe


    @Pooooossaa him cheating was an april fools prank😭😭. it was january.

    Twitter: @thereallmai / Via Twitter: @thereallmai


    @Pooooossaa The obvious hickies on his neck and chest were burn marks from falling while trying to walk on hot coals 😑😂

    Twitter: @taayylorsworld / Via Twitter: @taayylorsworld


    My ex passed out drunk & his phone was blowing up, so I answered bc I thought it was an emergency. It was his gf. We had a convo, she pulled up. We woke his ass up and as I packed up his stuff from my crib, he looked me dead in the eyes in FRONT of her and said “I dont know her”

    Vice / Twitter: @itsriaha / Via Twitter: @itsriaha


    @Pooooossaa When I found out he was on dating apps, he told me he that wasn’t cheating on me, that he was just trying to find me a best friend and it was supposed to be a surprise.

    Twitter: @sandwitchyy / Via Twitter: @sandwitchyy


    @Pooooossaa That the picture on his BACKGROUND was a coworkers daughter and he asked him to save the pic on his phone as a favor 🥴🥴. Make that make sense 🤣

    Twitter: @zuri_eliza / Via Twitter: @zuri_eliza


    @Pooooossaa He posted pictures of him and his son in matching white suits. I liked the picture and complimented them then asked what was the occasion. He said an all white party. 3 months later I found out it was his wedding.

    Twitter: @ogahj_ / Via Twitter: @ogahj_


    Someone did black magic on him and that’s why he couldn’t keep it in his pants.

    Twitter: @ZEAmorr / Via Twitter: @ZEAmorr


    @Pooooossaa Not me, but I found out not to long ago that my best friend took this girl he was dating to his sugar mommas house he told her they were visiting his mom for the wknd. So shorty scrubbed the whole house, did laundry and cooked the wknd by her self 🥲😭

    Twitter: @njahiii / Via Twitter: @njahiii


    He took a picture of his plate in a restaurant & there was a purse strap on the table, he said it was a dog leash

    Twitter: @Karahtonela / Via Twitter: @Karahtonela


    @Pooooossaa Convinced me he had “roommates” that he kept referring to as “the people I live with” Whole time he stay with his baby momma…. her and the child the roommates 🤣🤣😭😭

    Twitter: @ShamellonSays / Via Twitter: @ShamellonSays


    He was acting real weird and sneaky every time he was in the Discord chat with his friends and said it was bc he was telling them about my Christmas gifts and didn’t want me to accidentally see. Whole time they were setting up an orgy

    Twitter: @taayrantino / Via Twitter: @taayrantino


    he came home one day with scratches all over his back and chest and when I ask what was going on he told me our house was haunted and the poltergeist did that to him 💀

    Twitter: @skye_eleah / Via Twitter: @skye_eleah


    that he was in the library studying for a test the next day. i was so proud of my student athlete 🥰 i went to sleep & he went to cheat🤣🤣

    Twitter: @katdollll / Via Twitter: @katdollll


    He told me he had to fly out for business and found out he went on vacation with another girl

    Twitter: @badgyalin / Via Twitter: @badgyalin

    Now I have to know — what's the wildest lie a parent, partner, or friend has ever told you? If you're comfortable sharing, let me know in the comments.