Men Are Sharing Basic Hygiene Tips They Think Other Guys Should Know And...I Thought These Were Common Sense

    TL;DR: The bar for cleanliness is on the floor.

    Recently, Reddit user u/Deepdishthin went viral when they asked guys across the internet: "Men, what are some basic hygiene habits that most men aren’t aware of but should be?"

    Now, I've seen my fair share of crusty fingernails and have heard from the men-lovers in my life that some have a tendency of skipping over their important bits when washing — but the replies in this thread made me realize the bar for cleanliness is ON THE FLOOR. Here are some of the top-voted tips:

    1. "Just because deodorant says it lasts 48 hours doesn't mean you should take it as a personal challenge."


    2. "DRY YOUR BELLY BUTTON. Use a towel, some tissue, or a cotton bud, and make sure the inside is actually dry before you go putting tight tops on. Bellybutton infections are very real and very sore."


    3. "Please keep your fingernails clean. That doesn’t mean you suddenly have to go to the nail salon, but don’t leave caked-in dirt under your sharp hangnails and then get into bed with your significant other. That shit hurts and can cause infection."


    Dirty fingernails

    4. "Don’t wear the same boxers for a week. Promise, it’s not cool at all 🤢."


    5. "After you clip your nails, run a file over them real quick. Sands off the rough edges."


    6. "Clean your feet, especially the toes. Nobody likes nasty stinks."


    Men's feet

    7. "If you want to grow a beard, maintain it. Long beards still need maintenance."


    8. "Wash and DRY your uncircumcised penis. The drying part should come post shower and will help with smells."


    9. "You've probably heard it, but brush your tongue to eliminate bad breath. That's where all the bacteria hang out."


    A man brushing his teeth

    10. "Wash and POWDER your balls. Powder helps with keeping things dry. Powdering is new to me."


    11. "If you have bad body odor that deodorant or showering doesn't seem to get rid of, shave your pits. Bacteria sticks to your hair and makes your BO much worse."


    12. "Cologne is meant to be discovered, not announced. Some guys like to put it on a little thick, but just a touch is all you need. A quick hint when you reach in close or brush up on someone does the trick."


    A man spraying cologne on himself

    13. "PLEASE WASH YOUR BUTT. The whole thing."


    14. "Change your sheets very regularly. Change your pillowcases very regularly. I know several men who didn’t change their sheets once while we lived in the dorms together."


    15. "There are sinks in bathrooms for a reason. Use them. Wash your hands after using the bathroom. I don't care if you 'didn't touch anything.'"


    A man washing his hands

    Now I'm curious — what hygiene tips do you have for men or women that you think are not emphasized enough? Let us know in the comments.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length/clarity.