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    This Former Marine Is Teaching People How To Throw A Punch In Self-Defense With Acrylics On, And It's Honestly Genius

    Self-defense tips for hotties. 💅👊

    Despite how cute they are, there's an unfortunate idea that those who wear acrylics can't do a lot of things, like: wiping their butts, picking a flat card off the ground, or most fine motor movements. But former Royal Dutch Marine Robin, who is known online as @DutchintheUSA, is teaching all the hotties that they don't need to sacrifice a nail set for safety.

    In a now-viral video that has been viewed over 14.1 million times, Robin demonstrates the best self-defense techniques for throwing a punch with acrylics on:

    "In my last video, you saw me rolling up my fingers like this to create a fist — obviously, you can't do that. It hurts very, very much," he explained while showing how those with acrylics will need to take a different approach to avoid puncturing themselves. "So, here's how to throw a punch."

    "You're either going to hit with your palm," he suggests before very intimidatingly whacking a board with the fleshy part of his hand.


    "Or with this part of your fingers," he instructs while bending his fingers inward and pointing to the outward part of his hand, located under the pinkie finger. "You're not going to curl [your fingers] all the way in. You're going to hold it like that [and hit]."


    Viewers flooded the comment section of Robin's video with thanks, with one person pointing out that he was "fulfilling a niche that not many else would have thought to."

    One person said "There's actually like NO information regarding women's defence + acrylic nails."

    Meanwhile, others appreciated the extent of his dedication and the extra step of getting his nails done for the demonstration.

    This man really went out and got a full set for educational purposes & our well being nail emoji king behavior crown emoji

    "I try to put myself in people's shoes and find ways [for them] to defend themselves," Robin told BuzzFeed. "Most of my tips [are] easy to remember but were never taught. For instance, getting out of zip-ties is easy, but movies have made it seem more difficult, which subconsciously makes people think things are impossible because a movie star could not get out."

    With a page dedicated to self-defense moves that include escaping handcuffs with acrylics on, dating safety tips, and how to escape a sinking car, Robin's goal is to show how anyone can learn moves to protect themselves, no matter the situation.

    If you'd like to keep up with Robin, you can follow him on TikTok.