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17 LGBTQIA+ People Shared The Best Reaction They Got To Their Coming Out, And It'll Make You Hopeful

Kicking off #Pride month with a lil' bit of joy.

In honor of Pride Month, people on Reddit are sharing the best reactions they received from friends and family after they came out, and each response will give you just a little bit more hope. Here are a few of the top-voted stories:

1. "Me, nervously: 'I’m gay.' My mom: 'Girl, you came out of a closet with no door.'"

– u/flapeybird

2. "Me to grandma: 'Gramma, you should probably hear from me first before my blabbermouth aunt says it for me...I’m gay.' Gramma: 'Yeah, I figured, but I wanted you to tell me rather than ask...just like that interesting 'vase' you keep on your patio, which I know obviously isn’t a vase.' It was a bong."


3. "My sister, she just laughed and went, “Cool! Why don’t you dress better?”

– u/whateverathrowaway00 

4. "I came from a politically conservative, Christian household. At 26, I took my mother out to dinner and finally worked up the courage to tell her as she ate her salad. She said, 'Look, that’s between you and God, or whatever you believe in. We’re probably going to disagree on some of those things, but that’s not my job. My job as your mother is to love you. And that’s that.' She kept eating her salad."

5. "I nervously sent my sister a meme about being bisexual. Her response was 'same.' Funniest waste of adrenaline ever."

– u/ohmanmytacos

6. "I told my best friend. Cried. She stayed the night, and we had pizza, drinks, and watched a film. She slept in my bed, just like she did before. Nothing changed."

7. "I came out to my little bro toward the end of the year. His joking response was: 'Are you sure you're not taking the whole 'new year, new me' thing a bit far?'"


8. "The best I've ever gotten was a round of applause from every single member of my family after two years of them telling me I'm gay and me denying it...thanks, family — now I realize it, myself."

9. "Dad was just like, 'Welp, at least you won’t get pregnant.'"

– u/SkepticalSpiderboi

10. "I said, 'Hey, Dad...umm, I'm Gay.' And he said, 'Hi Gay, I'm Dad, and I support you."

11. "Best reaction was seeing my brother the day after I came out on Facebook. I asked him carefully if he'd seen the post. 'I did!' he said cheerfully. 'That's OK — I like girls too. Especially this one!" and kissed his wife."


12. "My sisters and I were in my apartment's swimming pool, and I came out as bisexual to them. They said, 'Cool, we should have pizza now.' I love that they cared but it wasn't a huge deal."

13. "My best friend just hugged me while I bawled my eyes out."


14. "Me: 'Oh holy shit. I think I might be gay.' BFF: 'Well no shit. About damn time you figured it out. You owe me $50. I bet on you figuring it out 8 years ago.' My friends had started a bet nearly a decade earlier."

15. "My girlfriend told me she was bisexual, and my immediate response was: 'Bitch, who do you think you’re talking to? Someone who gives a shit?' Her relief and the resulting laugh absolutely made my day."

– u/kp012202 

16. "My best friend at the time expressed relief at not having to set up an intervention to break the news to me about my being a lesbian. She was glad I realized it on my own."

17. "Me to my mother: 'Ma, I like this girl in school.' My mother: 'You remember Theresa? We’re dating.' Me: 👁👄👁"


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