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    Kim Kardashian Is Being Called Out (Again) For Photoshopping Her Body After People Noticed Her Distorted Finger In A Skims Ad

    "Who approved of this editing?"

    At this point, the Kardashians and accusations about them photoshopping their images are a common debate online. From innocent yet oddly staged Christmas photos to the more recent controversy surrounding an untouched bikini photo of Khloé, which ignited a massive conversation about unrealistic beauty standards that even the first family of reality TV can't match.

    Now, Kim is the latest sister to fall under scrutiny (again).

    In an ad for her shapewear brand, Skims, Kim can be seen drawing a finger over her hips and down into the dip of her waist.

    View this video on YouTube

    YouTube: Meridian Media / Via

    Note: BuzzFeed was unable to locate this video on any of Skims' or Kim's official pages.

    As her finger trails down, it appears to distort...

    ...and it squiggles across the curve of her body.


    Many online were quick to call out the ad, with one TikTok video boasting 21.5 million views demanding to know, "Who approved of this editing???"

    Some expressed disappointment.

    This is so unfortunate because the whole message of the line is supposed to be inclusivity of all bodies and people. Dang

    While others were more critical of the clan as a whole.

    They literally created this beauty standard but can't even keep it up

    But mostly, there were jokes.

    Her finger really said [swirl emoji]

    And a few conspiracy theories.

    honestly i wouldn't be surprised if they did this on purpose to get people talking

    BuzzFeed has reached out to Skims for comment, and we'll update you if we hear back.

    What are your thoughts on the commercial? Let us know in the comments.