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    The Internet Is Obsessed With This Hijabi Cosplayer, And It's Obvious Why

    We have no choice but to stan!

    If you haven't already met, please let me introduce you to Saima Chowdhury.

    Chowdhury is a 27-year-old Muslim cosplayer from Birmingham, UK, and she's inspiring younger generations of hijabi women — and many others around the world — to embrace their nerdy side.

    Cosplay is the art of paying homage to beloved characters in movies, shows, books, and video games by embodying both their personality and style.

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    While cosplay communities can be an inviting space for creators to express their love for anime and animated shows, minorities are often massively underrepresented both on screen and off.

    There are even those in the community who are known as “gatekeepers.” These are often fans of cult classics who have a singular, whitewashed vision for what cosplay is and what it can be.

    This is why representation found in creators like Chowdhury can be so impactful for both incoming and continuing cosplayers.

    “OMG, you’re a huge inspiration for us hijabis,” one Instagram user wrote under one of Chowdhury’s recent cosplays.

    Other’s have expressed similar sentiments.

    YouTube: @saimasmileslike
    YouTube: @saimasmileslike
    Instagram: @saimasmileslike

    “I’ve gotten tons of lovely messages showing love and support for what I’m doing,” Chowdhury told BuzzFeed. “I love when I get messages from other hijabis who feel inspired and confident to cosplay with their hijab!”

    Giphy: @rebloggy / Via

    Though Chowdhury only recently started cosplaying in 2019, her character renditions quickly caught the internet’s attention.

    Her Instagram entertains over 112,000 followers and she offers tutorials and more cosplay-related content on YouTube.

    A few of Chowdhury's most praised cosplays include:

    The Painted Lady (aka Katara) from Avatar: The Last Airbender:

    Killua from Hunter x Hunter:

    Nezuko from Demon Slayer:

    Mina Ashido from My Hero Academia:

    And Yumeko Jabami from Kakegurui:

    When people see her cosplays, Chowdhury told BuzzFeed that she wants people to feel "joy, happiness, and inspiration hopefully" and to remember "that anyone can cosplay and have fun!"

    To see more of Chowdhury, you can follow her on Instagram and YouTube.

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