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    12 Hospital Workers Shared The Most Disgusting Things They've Ever Seen, And I Feel Sick

    "Diarrhea flew out of her butt and splashed into my face."

    Healthcare workers make our world go round. While their job is incredibly important, it can also be pretty gross.

    If you have the stomach for it, nurse Jen Hamilton asked TikTok healthcare workers to share the most disgusting thing that has ever happened to them while in a hospital and the responses will make you laugh or barf, whichever happens first.

    1. "In the emergency department, we have lots of patients who come in intoxicated. But when you drink a lot, you have to pee a lot. So I go in to check on this patient who was very intoxicated and, as I was tucking him in, I did not see the very full urinal that was sitting on the bedside table. My pocket got hooked on the handle of the urinal and proceeded to pull toward me a liter and a half of ice-cold urine. It went down my shirt, into my bra, filled my bra cups, down my pants, into my shoes, and it felt like I had been walking around in a river...of urine."


    2. "When you get admitted into the ICU, we do a head-to-toe bath. So we're bathing this lady and she had multiple skinfolds, and she smells rancid... We lift up a fold to get underneath and there is a dead frog in her fold! I'm like, 'Ma'am, you have a dead frog under your skinfold.' She's like, 'Oh, that's Bernie. I've been wondering where he went.'"

    3. "I'm a surgical tech, someone who helps the surgeon in the OR by passing them things. One night we had an emergency case come in and the patient presented with free air in his abdomen. Once we opened up his belly, his colon was huge, like the size of a newborn child huge. As we are cutting down, I noticed stretch marks forming on this patient's colon. I was thinking it was going to explode and, for those who don't know, your colon holds your poop. So I'm holding it away from the surgeon and I convinced the surgeon to take it from me. Right as I'm looking for a perforation, the colon ruptured and there was poop everywhere. Poop on the ceiling, the walls. We were covered from head to toe."

    Kelsey Willett

    4. "A guy comes into the ER talking about cramping, constipation, and a pain in his genital area. So they do a couple of quick tests and confirm that he is in fact constipated. The next thing they do is pull down his pants and look at his genital area. The nurse is completely blown away when she sees that his balls are tucked inside of his asshole and immediately calls a doctor. When the doctor asks how this happened, the man said he had a bet with one of his friends for $100. He also explained that his friend helped him pop each ball in."

    5. "Former ICU nurse here. There's a tube — a fecal management system — we put in your butt to keep liquid, hot diarrhea from burning your skin and causing skin breakdown. I had a patient I had been taking care of for a while and we were bathing her one night. I was changing the bag on her fecal management system and I was talking, like I do. I had my mouth open and someone decided to suction my patient and make her cough, and it shot poop in my mouth. I've never been the same."

    Michelle Lynn Loughr

    6. "I was working the late shift in the ER one night and a homeless man came in with complaints of pressure in his right foot. So I sat him on the edge of the ER table with his foot stuck off the end and pulled his boot off. This ungodly wave of stench hit me in the face and maggots poured out of his boots and into my lap, and then half of his foot fell out of his boot and into my lap.

    7. "I was working in an OBGYN and a patient came in complaining that her man had smelled something really bad down in her vaginal area. We proceeded to check it out and see what's going on, and we pulled out a tampon that looked like a dead rat. Apparently this patient has had two menstrual cycles and several ejaculations in the two and a half months that it was stuck in her vagina. We put it in a bio bag and had to close down the room for the rest of the day because of the smell."

    8. "I was an intern on my night rotation and the nurse paged me because the patient had gone into A-fib, a really fast and irregular heartbeat. The patient was nervous and pulled out all of her IVs, and we tried to get more IV access. I found a big, juicy foot vein and I was going to go for it. As I was going for it, she kept saying, 'I have to have a BM. I have to have a BM (bowel movement).' I said, 'Ma'am, just poop. You'll be fine.' Before I knew it, a rocket of diarrhea flew out of her butt, hit the footboard, and splashed into my face."

    Eric Burnett

    9. "For those of you who don't know, it's really important for us to get our patients up out of beds into their chairs, even if they can't walk or are too weak. So in the ICU, we have these things called Hoyer Lifts that come down from the ceiling and we put these slings under the patients and it literally scoops them up. And we put them in the chair and then move them back to bed. So one day I'm getting my patient out of bed and she has massive diarrhea. It runs all over the chair. I bent to clean up the floor, and the lift comes and diarrhea just rained over my head and shoulder area."

    Chrissy CRNA

    10. "When I was an intern, I was told to manually disimpact a big, hairy dude who was really constipated. So I put on two pairs of gloves and stuck my entire hand up his butt. While I was pulling out chunks of stool, I got a hole in my glove and I could not get rid of that smell for days."

    11. "Patient comes in with difficulty breathing and they have a trach — that's what they breathe from. I'm suctioning to clear their airway so they can breathe easily. Then, in my mind, I'm like, huh, they must have breathed rice into their airway. But it wasn't rice. It was maggots."


    12. "Before I was a cop, I worked security in a hospital. One of the worst things I've ever dealt with was an elderly male giving the nurses issues. He's like, 'I need to get up and go to the bathroom.' Well, in 30 seconds, we get him up to go to the bathroom, and he has literal shit up his back, down his legs, everywhere. And then, he smacks one of the nurses with a handful of shit and says, 'That's for taking too damn long.'"