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    Influencers Are Sharing How Much They Make From Sponsored Posts — So We Talked To A Social Media Marketing Expert

    "Girl, you should be getting at least $20k per post."

    From Kylie Jenner's $1 million rate per Instagram post to TikToker Charlie D'Amelio's rise as one of the highest paid creators online, it's no secret that influencers can make serious money.

    Charlie talking a selfie

    Recently, money expert Tori Dunlap expressed a growing need for pay transparency among everyday creators because, as she said in a now-viral video, "If you are making content on social media, you are undercharging. Guaranteed."

    Then, to put her money where her mouth is, Tori broke down her personal pay rates with consideration to her following size and verification status. With 368,000 followers on Instagram, she charges $8,000 for a package that includes one timeline post and three Instagram stories shares. On TikTok, where she boasts 1.6 million followers, Tori charges $12,000 per video.

    Inspired by her candidness, other creators shared their rates in the comments — most of whom realized they were charging far less than what they felt they were owed for their work.

    One person said, 'This wild. LMAO $450-650 for a tiktok vid here. 285k followers and high engagement rate
    Another said the most i've ever received at 537k followers is $500 I can I NOT thank you enough I'm raising my standards NOW
    $350-$500 per vid, 345K followers- most brands I've negotiated with have not come higher than that
    A huge company paid me $900 for a tiktok post [several laughing crying emojis] I'm so dumb
    BRO i have a3 million and charge $150...HELP ME I NEED TO MOVE OUT OF MY PARENTS HOUSE

    But not everyone was focused on rates — some commenters asked how to choose rates, how to approach companies who are unwilling to negotiate, how to find brands willing to pay, how to advocate for yourself, and an avalanche of other inquiries that all centered around getting $paid$.

    So, I reached out to Brittany Bright, an influencer marketing executive, social media strategist, and founder of The Influencer League — a platform dedicated to educating creators about the business of influencing.

    So now that you've got her receipts, let's get right to it! How much should creators be charging?

    Upon seeing some of the reactions to Tori's videos, Brittany told BuzzFeed: "[It's] not surprising to me. A lot of brands undervalue creators, ESPECIALLY in the beauty and fashion industry. Creators don’t have the tools or knowledge to express their value, set their rates (and know how to back it up), or negotiate. They get scared, they feel like they’ll always be rejected or ghosted, and they keep their rates low as a result. It’s a two-way street, which is why we have to continue doing the work to bridge the gap between creators and brands."

    Speaking of ghosting – what should creators do when they become downtrodden from brands either rejecting reasonable rates, or ghosting them altogether?

    "ALWAYS stay true to your rates! If a brand doesn’t have the budget to work with you at the time, then it’s okay to pass on that particular campaign," she continued.

    "There’s a brand out there willing to work with you and pay you what you’re worth."

    If you have a question for Brittany, drop it in the comments and she might respond in an upcoming post. Meanwhile, you can follow the expert on Instagram and Twitter.