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    23 Of The Most Toxic Things That Girls Say To Guys, According To Gen Z'ers

    "Keep treating me like an option and you'll see how many I have." πŸ’…

    I was casually scrolling through TikTok when one video with a staggering 6 million views and *28,200 comments* caught my eye β€” and my love of mess.

    Giphy: @vh1 / Via

    Just for innocent fun, user @emmaj_mason prompted others to share the most toxic things women can say to men, and wow, did they deliver. Here are some of the most-liked, and RUTHLESS, comments:

    1. Gen Z'ers want you to know that they have ~options:~

    Keep treating me like an option and you'll see how many I have
    TikTok: @emmaj_mason / Via


    Are we hanging out or not because your best friend is waiting on an answer from me
    TikTok: @emmaj_mason / Via


    If you don't wanna be replaced then why you acting so replaceable
    TikTok: @emmaj_mason / Via


    It only takes one picture to show how many options I have
    TikTok: @emmaj_mason / Via


    That just moved you down on the roster
    TikTok: @emmaj_mason / Via


    I'm not gonna beg you to act right cause I know plenty of men who will
    TikTok: @emmaj_mason / Via

    7. They don't settle for poor hygiene:

    I ain't finna argue with someone who uses three in one
    TikTok: @emmaj_mason / Via

    8. You must meet their standards:

    I lowered my standards for you and you still weren't good enough
    TikTok: @emmaj_mason / Via


    I set the bar on the floor and you still couldn't reach it
    TikTok: @emmaj_mason / Via

    10. And they will hit you where it hurts...

    Hold on I'm not desperate enough for you right now
    TikTok: @emmaj_mason / Via


    I'm never playing truth or dare again
    TikTok: @emmaj_mason / Via


    I knew I picked the wrong brother
    TikTok: @emmaj_mason / Via


    Just know I'm smiling at someone else's texts right now
    TikTok: @emmaj_mason / Via


    I don't hate you because hate is a feeling and I feel absolutely nothing for you
    TikTok: @emmaj_mason / Via


    Can't throw shade on my name if you used to moan to it
    TikTok: @emmaj_mason / Via

    16. In general, Gen Z is just ruthless:

    No because for a second you convinced me that I was the problem
    TikTok: @emmaj_mason / Via


    If he says ok, damn you put more effect into that text than our relationship
    TikTok: @emmaj_mason / Via


    treat me like a joke and I'll leave you like it's funny
    TikTok: @emmaj_mason / Via


    I liked the attention not you
    TikTok: @emmaj_mason / Via


    You keep running back so obviously I'm not the problem
    TikTok: @emmaj_mason / Via


    My friends use your name as an insult
    TikTok: @emmaj_mason / Via


    You were supposed to help me get over my ex not make me want him more
    TikTok: @emmaj_mason / Via


    your friends were right about you
    TikTok: @emmaj_mason / Via

    None of these were directed at me, and yet my feelings were still hurt. Regardless, the way people stormed the comment section with some of the most reckless one-liners I've ever heard is hilarious, and one of the reasons why users can't believe that TikTok is free.

    OMG these comments were so toxic I would never adds to favorite
    TikTok: @emmaj_mason / Via

    If you'd like, you can scroll through all of the heart-breaking comments on Emma's video here.

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