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"Sick Of My Eyeshadow Being Covered By My Glasses": This Woman Is Going Mega-Viral For Tailoring Her Eyeshadow To Her Frames, And It's Genius

After years of taking off her glasses to pose for pictures, 22-year-old Roni finally had enough. Now, she's going viral for designing eyeshadow looks in the shape of her glasses, and it's every bifocal-baddie's dream!

As a girlie with glasses, I can attest to the fact that wearing eyeshadow under your rims can sometimes feel pointless. Even if you're able to pull off a detailed or especially shimmery lewk, the frames cover part of the art, or a glare lessens the glow. It just doesn't hit the same, ya know?

So, equally frustrated by this, 22-year-old TikTok creator Christiana "Roni" Ajai began tailoring her makeup to her glasses, and the results have been raking in millions of views.

In her first video, which was viewed over 20.7 million times, Roni starts the base by outlining the shape of where her glasses land on her face.

Then she fills it in...

...adds a bit of color...

...finishes off the details, and BAM. A look that won't go unnoticed under her spectacles!

Other designs include this sunset pink shadow with a blue zig-zag:

And here it is under her glasses:

The full look is visible even with her glasses on her face

These butterfly wings...

...which are perfect for larger lenses.

This Ana Takahashi–inspired look...

...which perfectly lends itself to lenses.

This glam inspired by Brazil's Carnival...

...which was complemented by jewels.

And this soft pink ode to summer:

To learn more about what inspired her, BuzzFeed reached out to Roni, who said, "I'd always take pictures without my glasses there’d be evidence of how good it looked, because I knew once I put my glasses on, nobody else would be able to see the details."

"I was frustrated that others couldn’t appreciate the work I’d put in because my glasses just covered it up, but I always did the makeup anyway because I enjoy creating new looks."

"[One day], I was heading out to a concert with my friends and really wanted to look my best," she said. "I’d been scrolling on Pinterest, looking at makeup when I noticed an eyeshadow look similar to the shape of my glasses and then it just clicked. ... I decided to trace the shape of my glasses and see what kind of effect it would have. Lo and behold, it turned out great!"

One look at her flooded comment section will show that people largely agree.

And they can't wait to try it for themselves.

Let me know in the comments if you'll be giving it a try. And if you'd like to keep up with future looks, you can follow Roni on TikTok.