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    15 Bosses Who Clearly Felt WAY Too Entitled To Their Employee's Patience And Energy

    "I refused to come in on my scheduled days off. They said my work ethic was lacking."

    Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to share moments when their bosses or former employers acted wayyy too entitled. Here are some of their top responses, coupled with a few stories from Reddit that I couldn't help but include:


    2. "I worked for a major snack food company. I got a small cut on my knee infected by crawling around on dirty floors stocking snacks. My knee swelled up like a basketball in a matter of a couple of hours. My boss met me at the ER due to it being a work-related injury. He lectured me in the parking lot about breaking his years-long string of no workplace injuries and how his bonus will reflect it."



    4. "At one of my jobs, my boss and his wife shit talked me over Facebook because I refused to come in on my scheduled days off. They said my work ethic was lacking."



    6. "I’m a shift lead at a store in the mall that sells food. My boyfriend’s COVID test was positive and my baby was sick as well. I told my boss that quarantine was only 10 days and he told me that unless I was sick, I needed to come in. My test came back positive even though I had very minimal symptoms. My boss told me I should still consider coming in and message him every morning to let him know if I was symptomatic and we could all wear masks. I emailed corporate and am looking for another job."



    8. "I was suffering from a miscarriage and didn't want to say it out loud. So I texted my managers, saying I was really sick, and they told me that I needed to get my shift covered. ... No one would cover. My managers berated me and harassed me. Eventually I texted and said, 'I didn't feel like this was any of your business, and have been struggling to type or say this out loud, but I'm having a miscarriage and can't mentally or physically function.' I was met with an, 'Oh, so sorry. We'll figure out scheduling.' And then two minutes later, I received a screenshot of the conversation that was meant for the people who owned the coffee shop I worked at, along with the attached text: 'IDK, this is what she sent me. Think she's lying.'"



    10. "The company was having its annual audit and I started getting sick with really bad bronchitis. I was progressively getting worse throughout the day and my boss ignored it. My coworkers expressed concern for me because I couldn't stop coughing and my coughing was sounding worse and worse. Nope. My boss continued to ignore it. When my shift was over, I immediately went to urgent care and they said I had a serious infection and had I waited longer, I would have to be hospitalized. Thankfully that didn't happen and my doctor was furious on my behalf, so she gave me a note that kept me out of the office for 3 weeks."



    12. "I had a boss once who decided I wasn't a 'Christian' because I recorded a conversation on my phone as proof he wasn't being ethical. He then told me that my husband needed to reign me in and control me better. I should mention that we all went to church together and he was on the church's board of directors, so he had a direct say in my husband's job as well as mine."



    14. "My boss told me that I should make sure I plan family emergencies and funerals better so I wouldn't miss a mandatory meeting. This was after I had two deaths in my family within two months."



    Now I need to know — what is the most infuriating thing your boss has ever done? Let us know in the comments.

    H/T: r/antiworkr/choosingbeggars, and r/mildlyinfuriating

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length/clarity.