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    Christina Haswood Wore Traditional Navajo Attire To Her Swearing-In Ceremony, And We’re Crying Happy Tears

    Representation wins in the House of Representatives.

    This is Christina Haswood and, as a member of the Navajo Nation, she is the third Native American woman to ever serve in the Kansas Legislature.

    Christina Haswood poses in the House of Representatives
    Twitter: @haswoodforks / Via Twitter: @HaswoodForKS

    On Jan. 11, Haswood was sworn into the Kansas House of Representatives, and she did so while wearing her traditional Navajo attire.

    Christina Haswood takes an oath to represent District 10 in Kansas
    Instagram: @haswoodforks / Via

    “Many indigenous peoples wear their traditional attire at special events,” Representative Haswood told BuzzFeed. “The outfit I wore at my swearing-in was made by my mother, myself, and my partner helped here and there. My jewelry was all passed down and borrowed from my family. I wanted to honor their sacrifices and my ancestors all on that day. I also wore it for other indigenous youth to see the representation and show them we belong in these spaces."

    Representative Haswood took TikTok along for the ride as she got ready to take her oath to represent District 10.

    Representative Christina Haswood gets ready for her swearing-in
    TikTok: @haswoodforks / Via

    In the video, which has surpassed half a million views, Representative Haswood shared a compilation of events that led up to her big moment.

    She took a few Zoom meetings.

    Representative Haswood sips from a coffee mug as she attends Zoom meetings
    TikTok: @haswoodforks / Via

    Finished a legislative-worthy face beat.

    TikTok: @haswoodforks / Via

    And was dressed by her mother and grandmother.

    TikTok: @haswoodforks / Via

    “My grandmother was there making sure we were doing everything right,” Representative Haswood said. “She’s my shimá sání – maternal grandmother – and she is the one that has taught me many of our Navajo traditions.”

    You can even watch her say “I Do” in the House.

    TikTok: @haswoodforks / Via

    After winning the Democratic primary for Kansas House of Representatives District 10 by a large margin on Aug. 4, 2020, Representative Haswood won the election unopposed.

    Representative Christina Haswood poses, while wearing a face mask, as a newly elected official
    Twitter: @haswoodforks / Via Twitter: @HaswoodForKS

    Now, she sponsors bills including:

    HB2006, otherwise known as: Changing the designation of Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day.

    HB2008, otherwise known as: Providing for the attorney general to coordinate training for law enforcement agencies on missing and murdered indigenous people.

    HB2033, otherwise known as: Increasing the minimum wage to $15 per hour over a period of 6 years.

    “Not me crying thinking of all the people that are finally feeling represented,” TikTok user @kdaallen commented under the video.

    Comments under Christina Haswood's swearing in video praise her election.
    TikTok: @kdaallen / Via

    You can watch Representative Haswood being sworn in below:

    It is an honor to take this oath today to represent the community I was born and raised in. Thank you District 10 for letting me be your voice. #ksleg

    Twitter: @HaswoodForKS / Via Twitter: @HaswoodForKS

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