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    These Former Airbnb Guests Screenshot The Most Ridiculous Fees And Checkout Lists They've Ever Seen, And YIKES, Some Hosts Have The Audacity

    One host charges guests $150 extra if they forget a condiment in the fridge. Yes. This is real life.

    Recently, Airbnb announced that starting in December, they'll make the total rental cost for properties, including fees, clearer to customers as they search for places to stay.

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    This news came after one host went viral for complaining about their bookings being down, followed by widespread criticism from former Airbnb users who largely said they'd turned away from the service because of hidden fees and large lists of chores.

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    Now people are sharing screenshots of the wildest fees or requirements expected of them by hosts, and it's...well, I'll let you see for yourself:

    1. This 10-step guide for checkout:

    Paying $150 for a cleaning fee and also having to complete a 10 cleaning step list to avoid an extra cleaning fee. Not cool @Airbnb.

    Twitter: @NicolasOrdonez_

    2. This single-night stay that went from $59 to $233 in the blink of an eye:

    Was looking to stay one night at an Airbnb. The cleaning fee is 2.5 times the stay. lol

    Twitter: @NeilJacobs

    3. This host who is charging $75 if you're not out on time:

    @bchesky Here’s the list that was on the fridge from my Airbnb host in Nashville last weekend. Hey, I’m cool with starting a dishwasher, but I don’t want to use towels washed on “quick wash!” YUCK! (Also, I’m on vacation and do enough laundry at home.)

    Twitter: @TinaKastory

    4. This host who expected their guests do the laundry and dishes AND pay a cleaning fee:

    5. This host who provided a lovely list of reasons that guests may see an extra charge on their bill, including $25 for any lights left on:

    6. This host who charged a $200 cleaning fee and asked guests to tip as well:

    7. Apparently this is a common occurrence:

    8. This $109 stay that more than doubled after all the taxes and fees were added up:

    9. This host who wants guests to help them run their business:

    Host asking guests to start the dishwasher with their dirty dishes and washer with their dirty towels and linens

    10. This host who made it very clear that a $1 or $2 tip is chump change:

    11. This host who hit their guest with a few unexpected charges that they couldn't get their money back for:

    12. This guest who had a discount that was bulldozed by management fees. (Why TF is a guest paying for the host's house manager?)

    13. This host who rents part of their home through Airbnb and hoped someone else would pay them to house-sit the rest:

    14. This extra-guest fee that costs $144 per person:

    15. This $500 stay that was supposed to be $195:

    $500 for a one night stay. A $200 cleaning fee? Is it crack!!? @Airbnb

    Twitter: @SincerelyDedra

    16. And this stay that went from affordable to ridiculous:

    17. And finally, this guest whose stay surpassed $1,000 when it was supposed to be just over $400: