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    Millennials Are Dragging Boomers Who Say We Can't Afford Homes Because Of "Netflix Subscriptions" And Ordering Out

    Houses literally used to cost $12,000. Like, goodbye Cheryl.

    Baby Boomers were born between 1946 and 1964, when the average US home cost about $11,900. If you consider the value of money today, that would round out to about $58,600, CNBC reported. Today, the average home price is $374,900.

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    Despite mortgages out-pacing our income, the Times recently shared that some boomers have offered this advice for millennials "complaining" about finding affordable housing: "Cancel the Netflix subscriptions and stop ordering takeaways."

    Baby boomers have some advice for millennials struggling to buy a home: cancel the Netflix subscription and stop ordering takeaways

    Twitter: @thetimes / Via Twitter: @thetimes

    In response to the unsolicited advice from our out-of-touch elders, millennials and Gen Xers alike shot back with facts, jokes, and incredulous reactions. Here's how they responded:


    You would have to cancel Netflix for 2,300 years to save enough to pay for the average home price in the US.

    Twitter: @femmissgeek / Via Twitter: @femmissgeek


    @thetimes I’m a boomer and we bought our first house when I was 21, so did my friends. Life was much easier for us than young people today. Some old people have conveniently short memories.

    Twitter: @patanna / Via Twitter: @patanna


    Food $200 Data $150 Rent $800 Gardening supplies $3,600 Utility $150 someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. my family is dying

    Twitter: @no_goblins / Via Twitter: @no_goblins


    @thetimes Lecturing people from the house I got for fifty bucks and a signed frank sinatra picture at a time when only whites could buy homes

    Twitter: @joemayall / Via Twitter: @joemayall


    @thetimes I don’t have Netflix, but my bank are still asking double my salary to get a mortgage on a studio flat. What’s their advice now?

    Twitter: @harlequinxgirl / Via Twitter: @harlequinxgirl


    Saving $15 a month is definitely gonna help me afford that $800,000 1 bedroom no bath shack in Parma Ohio

    Twitter: @AydenCanavos / Via Twitter: @AydenCanavos


    @thetimes *searches for graph which shows how much mortgage payments/deposits have grown as a percentage of income over the years 🙄Times are hard. Give them a break FFS

    Twitter: @mrsslippy / Via Twitter: @mrsslippy


    u left us a shattered democracy and an uninhabitable planet. is it ok if we watch a movie and order in to cope???

    Twitter: @AnandWrites / Via Twitter: @AnandWrites


    @thetimes They say that while renting out a 1 bed flat for 1200 a month

    Twitter: @BIG_JIM1988 / Via Twitter: @BIG_JIM1988


    most Baby Boomers can’t even afford prescription drug coverage once they retire? 🥴

    Twitter: @haleemarry / Via Twitter: @haleemarry


    These boomers, tomorrow: “Hey, can you come over and log the TV into the Netflix again? It’s telling me the subscription is canceled??”

    Twitter: @only_living_grl / Via Twitter: @only_living_grl


    .. and you might be able to afford one of these

    Twitter: @KarlreMarks / Via Twitter: @KarlreMarks


    @thetimes Ever since I canceled my Netflix sub, I am rolling in $$$. Just bought a mega yacht, a private jet, and a few mansions. Looking at picking up an island or 2. I wonder if Greenland is available.

    Twitter: @AndyWashburn1 / Via Twitter: @AndyWashburn1


    Cancel my parents’ Netflix subscription? That seems rude.

    Twitter: @cress_cd / Via Twitter: @cress_cd


    @thetimes Hey young people, it's easy as that. Save £100 a month by cutting Netflix and takeaways and in 41 short sweet years you will enough for a deposit on your very own flat in Swindon!!

    Twitter: @FiascoNo42 / Via Twitter: @FiascoNo42


    @AudiSun07 @WhatEvil @everysongsung @thetimes The best thing is looking at Zillow and seeing how ppl are selling houses for 300k USD more then they bought it in 2020 🙃🙃 Nothing added. No new roof or anything. Just 300k more then what they paid 2 years ago.

    Twitter: @AlsoKnowAsRed / Via Twitter: @AlsoKnowAsRed


    I’m not listening to financial advice in 2022 from someone who bought their house 40 years ago for $10,000

    Twitter: @Blackkout__ / Via Twitter: @Blackkout__