This Woman's Tiktok Went Viral After Pointing Out That Many White Stylists Don't Know How To Do Black Hair

    "If you don't know how to do ALL hair types, then you shouldn't be called a stylist."

    This is Mimi Taylor, a 21-year-old TikTok enthusiast who called 26 local salons in an effort to find somebody — anybody — who could simply cornrow her hair. However, upon receiving one rejection after another, she quickly learned that not every stylist is versed in Black hair.

    But let's back up for a second.

    Like many, Mimi loves wigs and, after buying a new one, she needed someone to braid her afro so the wig could fit over her head. "I called every salon in my hometown to see who could work with 4c hair," Mimi shared in a now-viral TikTok video of her journey to find a stylist in central Washington.


    incase anyone needed a reminder of how frustrating it is not being yt in this country

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    As a Black woman, I knew how the video would end before Mimi started searching. If you're of another race, you've probably noticed that your Black women friends are experts at doing their own hair or visit a stylist/family friend who works out of their home instead of a licensed salon, and a lack of options is part of the reason why. More often than not, stylists are not professionally taught how to handle Black or textured hair.

    When speaking to Mimi about her experience, she told BuzzFeed, "I believe that a good stylist would at least ATTEMPT to educate themselves on all hair types. By only knowing how to work with white hair types, hairstylists are neglecting a large portion of potential clients."

    One person commented, "I think you don't know hot to [do] ALL hair types you shouldn't be called a hairstylist you're not catering to ALL people"

    But not everyone who interacted with her video was supportive: "A lot of white people have been mad at me under my video, saying I was bashing the stylists... [and] I should have just called a Black salon to not waste their time. ... All I said to those stylists was, 'Can you work with my hair?' I was not rude to them... [Those commenters are] just uncomfortable recognizing a privilege they have. [They've] never had to call 26 salons to get a stylist," Mimi said.

    A closeup of Mimi getting her hair braided with the caption, "if I lived near a Black salon don't you think I would have went to one?"

    Even when Black people are able to find a salon who can help, their gratefulness can sometimes turn into guilt, considering the stigma that has labeled Black hair as "difficult" to work with.

    One TikTok user wrote, "the amount of times someone in my chair has apologized for having 4c hair breaks my heart. the systemic racism in the beauty industry is so awful"

    For Mimi, though, she was never able to find a stylist, and instead turned to a familiar face: "I actually gave up on trying to find a stylist near me and ended up driving two hours to my grandmother's house. She did my hair for me."

    Though she wasn't able to find a stylist, Mimi's video — which has been viewed over 1.5 million times — has inspired cosmetology students to push for a wider range of education when it comes to hair and textures.

    One person said "i plan on going to cosmetology school but i'll make it a point to learn all hair, i wanna serve everyone, y'all have such beautiful hair :( heart emoji

    You can watch Mimi's full hair video below: 


    incase anyone needed a reminder of how frustrating it is not being yt in this country

    ♬ pastel skies - Rook1e