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    Billy Porter And More Shared Support For Sha'Carri Richardson After Her Disqualification From The Olympics 100-Meter Race

    Sha'Carri will forever be THAT GIRL.

    First off, let's start off by saying this: Sha'Carri Richardson, aka one of the fastest women alive, will always be THAT GIRL.

    Sha'Carri, with arms raised and smiling, celebrates her performance in a race
    Patrick Smith / Getty Images

    Now that we've got our facts straight, let's get to the news. 

    The 21-year-old US sprinter was recently disqualified from competing in the 100-meter race at the Tokyo Olympics after testing positive for cannabis.

    Patrick Smith / Getty Images

    During an interview on NBC's Today show, Sha'Carri took full responsibility for her actions while also sharing that she was in "a state of emotional panic" and "blinded by sadness" after a "complete stranger" — a reporter — broke the news of her mother's death to her. 

    Activists, celebrities, members of Congress, Olympic gold medalists, and more shared their support online for Sha'Carri, expressing the need for more interest in the mental health of athletes and a greater need for a change in "archaic" rules regarding marijuana. Here are some of the most thoughtful responses:


    This is ridiculous. Let this women run If legal cannabis helped her deal with pain, anxiety, or whatever she was going through that’s acceptable If @itskerrii isn’t in the @Olympics I’m not watching Absurd decision, reverse it. What is this about?

    Twitter: @Jason / Via Twitter: @Jason


    Twitter: @theebillyporter / Via Twitter: @theebillyporter


    I don’t know why marijuana is banned. Maybe a good reason. Maybe not. I know how it feels to lose a parent. Indescribable pain! I’m from the same neighborhood as @itskerrii Tough place! I wish people would stop calling her and this ban stupid unless you know the reason for both.

    Twitter: @MJGold / Via Twitter: @MJGold


    stoners, we rise at dawn to defend sha’carri

    Twitter: @arb / Via Twitter: @arb


    There is no need for Sha’Carri to apologize. We need to get rid of archaic rules for a substance that is fully legal in 19 states plus DC. And we need to legalize it at the federal level.

    Twitter: @RepBowman / Via Twitter: @RepBowman


    Good morning and Happy Friday to everyone except the Olympic Committee, for banning Sha'Carri Richardson for weed while Michael Phelps weed-coughs gold medals.

    Twitter: @mmpadellan / Via Twitter: @mmpadellan


    So in the last few weeks: WTA said Osaka can’t take care of her mental health, gymnastics punished Simone for being too good, Sha’Carri banned for racist marijuana laws, five BW banned for natural testosterone levels. It’s almost as if there’s a concerted anti-BW effort here.

    Twitter: @DavidDTSS / Via Twitter: @DavidDTSS


    Sha’Carri already won to us. And after the Naomi Osaka thing we know y’all really don’t care about us anyways. We already chose our own winners.

    Twitter: @ravenscimaven / Via Twitter: @ravenscimaven


    Black women have no space to grieve. We have no space to cope. We have no space to make mistakes. She shouldn’t have to apologize. Let Sha’Carri Richardson go to #Olympics2021

    Twitter: @danikwateng / Via Twitter: @danikwateng


    Amazing how fast y’all turned on Sha’Carri. Except it’s not amazing. It’s expected.

    Twitter: @MsPackyetti / Via Twitter: @MsPackyetti


    Sha'Carri Richardson broke a rule. And it’s ridiculous weed has this stigma. Both things can be true. She handled this entire ordeal like an adult and accepted complete responsibility. The conversation now should be about athlete’s mental health and improving that response.

    Twitter: @TaylorRooks / Via Twitter: @TaylorRooks


    Good morning to Sha'Carri Richardson and Sha'Carri Richardson only.

    Twitter: @natasharothwell / Via Twitter: @natasharothwell


    It is so devastating what Sha’Carri Richardson is going through right now. The pain she’s felt, the pain she is feeling now. This country could do such a better job of protecting, supporting and cheering for Black women

    Twitter: @JordynJournals / Via Twitter: @JordynJournals


    In 1998 a white guy competed, won the snowboarding gold, then tested positive for pot and had his medal taken from him. Then the IOC reversed course and gave him his medal back. Surely they can let Sha'Carri compete in 2021.

    Twitter: @fakedansavage / Via Twitter: @fakedansavage


    I see a lack of empathy with this Sha’Carri Richardson situation. Yes she ultimately broke the rules (which is a dumb ass rule at that), but she just lost her mother a week before the biggest race of her life. Not to mention she’s only 21. Grace should be extended here.

    Twitter: @iDont_Chase / Via Twitter: @iDont_Chase

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