People Are Imagining What Life In Gotham City Would Really Be Like, And It's Equally Chaotic And Hilarious

    "How bad you think inflation is in Gotham City?"

    Earlier this week, Twitter user @hellfiresbyers sent the timeline into chaos when they asked: "If rent in Gotham was $300 a month for a 3 bedroom, would you move there?"

    If rent in Gotham was 300 a month for a 3 bedroom would u move there?

    Twitter: @hellfiresbyers / Via Twitter: @hellfiresbyers

    To say this sent several corners of Twitter into a frenzy would be an understatement. Nerds, Batman fans, and amateur comedians alike had something to say about what living in Gotham would really be like, and I dare you not to laugh at the replies:


    @cjayjanaye @hellfiresbyers 🤣🤣 imagine u getting ready for bed and Joker blowing shit up on a Wednesday night

    Marvel Entertainment / Twitter: @vlonekai_ / Via Twitter: @vlonekai_


    @hellfiresbyers renter insurance gone be out the ass cause you gotta worry about batman throwing a mf through the living room window every other week

    Twitter: @cjayjanaye / Via Twitter: @cjayjanaye


    Me looking up at the corner of my room after simply typing in 123movies

    Twitter: @mhadeedbutt / Via Twitter: @mhadeedbutt


    Gotham city has the worst weather out of all the super hero towns man… it’ll be a sunny day in super man’s metropolis, spider man has fought the green goblin beneath blue skys but man… it’s rainin everyday in Batman town and it’s always fuckin night time.

    Twitter: @CurrenSy_Spitta / Via Twitter: @CurrenSy_Spitta


    @hellfiresbyers Me after seeing the Joker kill a child wearing a Robin costume:

    Cartoon Network / Twitter: @bokunokii / Via Twitter: @bokunokii


    @hellfiresbyers Yes and I’d commit a crime every night to get smacked around by Batman

    Twitter: @daniela_n89 / Via Twitter: @daniela_n89


    When The Riddler talking to Batman on my roof at 3am Me:

    Universal Pictures / Twitter: @lordsarkastik / Via Twitter: @lordsarkastik


    Me at the iceberg lounge watching cat woman dance with anyone else

    Twitter: @druski / @mbowem / Via Twitter: @mbowem


    @WhateverEST1997 @hellfiresbyers This is when you just do Batman a favor and kill Joker for him

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    Me & my homie in the Gotham Bank when Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy show up to rob it

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    How bad you think inflation is in Gotham City

    Twitter: @TheCapalbo / Via Twitter: @TheCapalbo


    Batman after I call him bruce by accident

    Twitter: @fr33amin / Via Twitter: @fr33amin


    @pfunk1130 IDK man. It seems like Gotham has a higher rate of PhDs than other cities. Maybe I rent that joint for the address and get my kids some of that Wayne Foundation education spending 💰

    Twitter: @meshaknits / Via Twitter: @meshaknits


    When I’m running late for work, and go five over the speed limit

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    she not texting back she must be saving gotham city or sum

    Twitter: @adrrixnnn / Via Twitter: @adrrixnnn


    Batman after i park in the handicapped spot

    WWE Studios / Twitter: @galaxyjoestar_ / Via Twitter: @galaxyjoestar_


    When your reporting for Gotham City and see Joker terrorising the streets

    KTVM-TV / Twitter: @Xavier2Nice / Via Twitter: @Xavier2Nice

    Would you move to Gotham City if the rent prices were lookin' right? Tell me why or why not in the comments.