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    Balenciaga Teamed Up With Crocs To Make Stilettos, And People Won't Stop Making Jokes

    The collab that no one asked for.

    I — I'm honestly not even sure where to begin.

    In a move that can only be defined as blasphemous, Balenciaga — yes, Balenciaga, the luxury fashion house — partnered with Crocs for their spring 2020 collection. And this was the result:

    Balenciaga Crocs are here because hey why not?

    Twitter: @KimBhasin / Via Twitter: @KimBhasin

    The collection boasts the stiletto Crocs seen above, as well as knee-high boots that look like the classic rain boot style, but covered in a layer of Nickelodeon slime.

    Balenciaga and Crocs unveil their newest collab, stiletto clogs and platform rain boots. Slated for 2022. Would you buy it?

    Twitter: @BuzzingPop / Via Twitter: @BuzzingPop

    Both shoes made their runway debut on Sunday, and it's really...somethin'.

    View this video on YouTube

    YouTube: @Balenciaga / Via

    And, because the internet is the internet, everyone has a lot of opinions — and jokes — when it comes to what I'm labeling as one of the strangest collabs ever. Here are some of the best reactions:


    We are all struggling with the transition from comfort wear to real clothes (but these are absurd)

    Twitter: @KellyMayes / Via Twitter: @KellyMayes


    Cue the @backstreetboys song, "Tell Me Why"!

    Twitter: @OnAirKristen / Via Twitter: @OnAirKristen


    Imagine going on a date with this.. how lovely 😍😂

    Twitter: @Talar___ / Via Twitter: @Talar___


    Every day we stray further from god's light

    Twitter: @andizeisler / Via Twitter: @andizeisler


    Up in the club with crocs heels

    Twitter: @aniceburrito / Via Twitter: @aniceburrito


    History repeats

    Twitter: @steviexmcfly / Via Twitter: @steviexmcfly


    These stiletto Crocs are about to become the staple for men’s fashion in the city of Atlanta

    Twitter: @DonRubix / Via Twitter: @DonRubix



    Twitter: @cathydinas / Via Twitter: @cathydinas


    Kill it before it lays eggs 😶

    Twitter: @Grosvenor_MB / Via Twitter: @Grosvenor_MB


    Lmaoo anybody wearing these getting roasted. Flat out. Up and down roast.

    Twitter: @positivi_Dee / Via Twitter: @positivi_Dee


    *extremely Cardi B voice* 🎶 I like those balenciagas, the ones that look like crocs 🎶

    Twitter: @_ms_flood / Via Twitter: @_ms_flood

    What do you think about the shoes? Club-worthy? Date-worthy? Dare I even say, wedding-worthy? Let us know in the comments.