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    15 Child-Free Adults Shared Why They'll Never Want Kids, And It's So Interesting

    "I would never financially recover."

    Recently, Reddit user u/_LickitySplit went viral when they asked the internet: "What is your reason for not having a child?"

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    Some responders shared that they didn't want to sacrifice their time for kids, while others expressed a desire to withhold genetic illnesses from being passed down. Here are some of the top-voted replies:

    1. "Sometimes, I snap pretty bad when I'm overwhelmed, and I'd hate for a kid to be put through that. ... Sometimes, I think I'd like to have a kid, because it would be fun to go to a museum and teach them things, and all the little holiday traditions would be fun to pass on, and I'd love seeing what funny shit I could pretend they said for Twitter clout, but I'm so overwhelmed by myself."


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    2. "I’ve never wanted them. All the other reasons, like the massive amount of financial and emotional commitment they require, is just icing on the 'I don’t want one' cake."


    3. "I don’t want to sacrifice my body for a baby."


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    4. "My mom used to say, 'Having a child is like getting a tattoo on your face — you better be damn certain you really want it.' She was a teenage mom and really pressed into me and my sister's heads that becoming a mom should not be taken lightly. She was a great mother, and 20 years later, this still resonates."


    5. "I like sleep."


    6. "I'm turning 30 soon and still feel like a child — this is why I haven't had kids yet. I can't believe my dad was five years younger than I am now when I was born. Taking care of my very good and easy dog, having a job, and doing housework is too much already."


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    7. "I'm a solitary beast and enjoy my alone time."


    8. "I can't afford to give a child the quality life I want for them. You do not have to be rich to have children. But you do have to be in a place in your life where you're prepared to provide for them, love them, show up for them, and help them when they need it. It's not just money. It's not just time. It's not just assets or liabilities. It's not just mental health. It's all of it."


    9. "I would never financially recover."


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    10. "I don't want a child because of the constant, everlasting thought that my kid/kids will be treated the way I was while growing up. The last thing I’d ever want to see is my kid coming home either crying or sad every day from school 'cause he was picked on again."


    11. "I don't want to put them first and I believe they should come first."


    12. "I've chosen not to pass on my mental and physical health problems. I can see negative traits from both my mother's and father's family and decided not to continue the line."


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    13. "Me and my fiancé have been together for 12 years with no kids. Within the past few years, we both finally got jobs we've been working toward and a nice income. We like our life — being able to go away for a night or two, or out for nice meals as we can afford it. Then have quiet evenings watching Netflix. Neither of us want a child enough to actually have one."


    14. "Feeling helpless when you can’t help someone you really love scares me shitless."


    15. "In this world? No thanks. I don't want him or her to worry about the changing climate."


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    If you're comfortable sharing, let us know why you don't want kids in the comments. Or, on the flip side, share why children are particularly meaningful to you.

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