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Addison Rae Was Permanently Banned From TikTok For Literally Like A Day, So I Guess She Can Go Back To Dancing Now

"Time to get a job."

With an audience of 85 million, Addison Rae is the third most-followed TikToker on the app. However, that ranking may change if her account is banned again.

Addison Rae smiling at the premiere of he's all that

Yup, you read that correctly. Yesterday, the influencer shared a screenshot on Twitter with a notice from TikTok saying her "account was permanently banned due to multiple violations of our Community Guidelines."

Twitter: @whoisaddison / Via Twitter: @whoisaddison

It was unclear which guidelines her account was flagged for, and at the time of this reporting, her last shared video was over a day ago — an ad for the Nintendo Switch. Before then, Rae participated in a popular trend where users flip their cameras to close in on their hips before swaying to the beat of "Pocket Rocket" by Cochise.

About 860 thousand users have made videos with this audio, many of whom are participating in the same trend.

According to TikTok's Community Guidelines, accounts may be banned if they participate in "severe" or "repeated" violations including: violent extremism, hateful behavior, illegal activities and regulated goods, violent and graphic content, dangerous acts such as self-harm, harassment and bullying, adult nudity and sexual activities, and actions against minor safety.

The TikTok logo outside of a building

"Well time to get a job," the 21-year-old joked about the news.

Rae's account is now visible, but she has yet to post anything.

As far as job-searching goes, Rae could have leaned back on her multi-film contract with Netflix, which will land her in both acting and producing roles.

In the meantime, her account was literally unbanned in the midst of writing this, so I guess it's back to making dancing videos. Oh, the power of being a chosen one 🙌🏽.