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    32 Abandoned Places That Are Scarier Than Your Favorite Horror Movie

    How many would you visit?

    I'm convinced that every group of friends has an overly-confident character who would plan a trip to an abandoned location, and another who would turn down the invite before inevitably being dragged there. To know which archetype you fall into, consider these eerie, abandoned spots below:

    1. This abandoned water park slide that you're bound to get tetanus from:

    2. This abandoned house that grew a tree and god knows what else:

    3. This flooded hospital that requires rainboots:

    4. This abandoned dentist office where you're in for more than just a filling:

    5. This castle that dates back to the Middle Ages before wedding vendors tried to transform the building into a venue:

    6. This hard-knock-life:

    7. This control room belonging to one of the world's most devastating nuclear disasters:

    8. This abandoned Sears that is bound to curse new business owners:

    9. This abandoned X-ray machine that looks more harrowing than helpful:

    Photo courtesy of @decayingmidwest.

    10. This abandoned concert hall that I imagine playing chalkboard-screeching music:

    11. This abandoned house that's giving me Lovely Bones vibes:

    12. This once charming, now unstable home:

    13. This abandoned schoolhouse in the middle of nowhere:

    14. This school hallway filled with the frustration of past teachers:

    15. This abandoned slide into murky depths:

    16. This house whose owners left behind everything but the wallpaper:

    17. This abandoned school bus that's less than magical:

    18. This abandoned brewery that's been a bit too fermented:

    19. This church that looks like it was in the middle of a redesign:

    20. This abandoned bridge that's surely seen brighter days:

    21. This abandoned school that speaks for itself:

    22. This Soviet-era, single-engine plane:

    23. This autopsy room that looks like Will Smith's workstation in I Am Legend:

    24. This elevator that I'm convinced only goes down:

    25. This abandoned metro station that used to boom with New Yorkers, but now only echoes their footsteps:

    26. These abandoned ships that made me wonder: How exactly does one just abandon a ship?

    27. This amusement park entrance that is the opening for every horror movie starring kids:

    28. This abandoned mining company that could use a little gold:

    29. This abandoned animal hospital that is honestly just terrifying. Like, what animal did they treat? That chair is huge:

    30. This abandoned church that's apparently in my hometown, so if I go missing, y'all know where to look:

    31. This living evidence that not everything that's been abandoned is weary:

    32. And finally, this abandoned hotel that I'd still pay to stay in:

    Would you visit any of these abandoned places? Let us know in the comments.

    H/T: r/AbandonedPorn