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    17 Infuriating Employers Demanding A List Of Requirements But Offering Very Little Pay

    One woman asked a dog sitter to pay her, just because her dog is ~so delightful~.

    1. This mom who has had three different nannies quit, but somehow thinks they're the problem:

    2. This job expecting a skillful, bilingual manager to take charge of a team for only $8 an hour:

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    3. This parent who is only willing to pay someone $25 a day for 10 hours of work:

    4. This church who expects 10% of their employee's pay back:

    5. This pet parent who thinks their dog is such a gift that the dog sitter should pay them:

    6. This vague listing that promises there is a "potential for cash compensation," but nothing is guaranteed: 

    7. Oh look, another parent looking for a babysitter for their 2-month-old and three pets for $150 per week:

    8. This job that requires a master's degree for JUST over minimum wage in many states:

    9. This position for a support specialist who wouldn't be paid during their full-time, eight-week training:

    10. This drone pilot position that had the audacity to require a DOCTORATE degree for $18 per hour:

    11. This publication offering $20 per article. Ya know, just two cents a word:

    12. This medical facility searching for a nurse who is willing to put their life at risk while working with COVID patients for $20 an hour:

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    13. This senior-level position offering $13 an hour: 

    14. This person in search of a wedding photographer who is willing to grossly underestimate their worth for $200 a day:

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    15. This ad in search for an entire film crew who are willing to be paid in experience

    16. This parent who thinks their kids are so charming that people should babysit them for free:

    17. And finally, another parent underpaying their babysitters with $37.50 per day and bonus points

    If you're comfortable sharing, tell us about the most ridiculous job interview you've ever been on in the comments.