Yes I Did Cry Seeing These Before And After Photos Of Rescued Pets, And You Probably Will Too

    No I'm not crying. It's allergies.

    Get ready to ~feel~ because I recently stumbled across a subreddit called "BeforeNAfter Adoption," in which families are encouraged to share photos of their rescued animals. Each side-by-side perfectly captures how being placed in a loving family can make a massive difference. And these photos are bound to warm your cold, dead heart:

    1. This little guy was in need of some TLC when he was rescued:

    dirty kitten

    And now he couldn't look better:

    healthy cat

    Before and after:

    2. Edward used to be thin:

    very skinny dog in the car

    But now he's thriving:

    fluffy dog in the yard

    Edward before and after:

    3. Biscuit's new family found him outside of a Whataburger after a last-minute change in dinner plans:

    cat with a ton of scratches and wounds on its face

    And now he's well taken care of:

    closeup of the healthy cat

    Biscuit before and after:

    4. This is a photo of Chromie at the animal rescue center:

    small puppy

    And this is Chromie now, three months later:

    happy dog in the yard

    Chromie's before and after:

    5. This was Bagel and Knox when they were rescued in 2019:

    skinny cats

    And here's the duo now:

    the two cuddled together

    Bagel and Knox's before and after:

    6. This fur baby was a little shaken at the rescue center:

    closeup of sad looking dog

    But now they're home:

    on the couch looking happy and healthy

    Before and after:

    7. In 2022, Foxy was found abandoned in -20 degree weather with an eye infection:

    scared kitten

    Here she is today:

    cat cuddled up

    Foxy before and after:

    8. After being found, Scout was taken in by a rescue center. She was 25 pounds and had a respiratory infection:

    dog standing up in its kennel

    Now she's as healthy as can be:

    dressed up in a leather jacket

    Scout before and after:

    9. Loki was a timid babe when their family found them in a bunch of bushes:

    scared kitten

    Now they're playful:

    playing on the floor

    Loki before and after:

    10. This is Kenai two days after being rescued:

    very skinny dog outside

    And here's Kenai now:

    looking healthy and full

    Kenai before and after:

    11. When Bulka was rescued in 2021, doctors said she had a one percent chance of surviving.

    cat with an i.v in its arm

    It's two years later and she's doing amazing:

    lounging on the rug

    Bulka before and after:

    12. Jack was originally found covered in thousands of fleas:

    curled up pup with bands on its paws

    But his new family got him all cleaned up:

    healthy dog outside

    Jack before and after:

    13. Arya was found with patches of fur missing from her face:

    fur missing on the pup's face

    And now her fur puts others to shame:

    silky happy dog

    Arya before and after:

    14. And finally, Cutu was in need of a loving home:

    small kitten with scabs on its face

    And that's exactly what they got:

    full and healthy cat

    Cutu before and after: