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25 Most Aggravating Things On The Face Of The Earth. Ever.

That might be an exaggeration, but these are seriously THE WORST.

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2. Peep-toe high heel shoes.

Yeah, I get it, they look way better than flats, but by hour 2 I'm ready to kill whoever said I HAD to wear these shoes to this wedding. My pinky toe is screaming because she doesn't understand why Big Toe and Index Toe get air and she's stuck on the inside. The toes that do get breathing room are sliding out of that stupid "peep" hole, and my ankles won't stop slipping out of the back of the shoe. NIGHTMARE DESIGN.

3. When you call someone, they don't answer, but they text you right away.

I'm probably only calling because I need a quick answer. If I wanted to type out a text, or wait for a reply, I would have just sent a text message. But that is not the case. I'm calling because I NEED to explain in detail what I have to say, or because I need a timely response. Phone calls still exist for a reason. Answer the damn phone.

4. When I've just rolled over, I'm uber comfortable, about to fall asleep, and then I get a text.

I have to lose that comfortable spot (It's gone forever, you can't just go back to how you were before and expect the same level of comfort), roll over, open the text, wait for my eyes to adjust, and then read the message.

I'm well aware that I could just wait until the morning to check it, but anxiety will get the best of me and I'll have to look because somehow I've convinced myself that I'm missing a text from someone that matters a lot to me telling me they've been kidnapped and I'm their only hope. (The chances of that being the case, ever, are 0%, but I still have to roll over and check)

5. Soda rings, crumbs, and dirty plates on the table

When you're finished eating or drinking, clean up after yourself. We're all grown-ass adults. I'm not even asking you to load the dishwasher. No one wants to put their hand in your sticky soda-ring. No one wants to scrub your dirty plate that you couldn't even rinse off after you finished eating. No one wants to put their arms down into your 7 hour old lunch crumbs. NO ONE.

6. Door-to-door sales people.

Don't you dare knock on my front door, expect me to get up and answer it for you, and then try to get me to buy something. I'll already be annoyed that someone arrived on my doorstep unannounced, and there is zero chance I'm interested in what you're selling. It makes no difference if you're here to "lower my electric bill by 50%!" or if you're an adorable 8 year old selling chocolate bars. I'm not interested. Go away. And don't you dare do that again.

7. When EVERYONE slows down to look at a car accident.

There is no reason that we ALL have to be stuck in traffic. This is especially true when the accident is on the other side of the interstate. But everyone just has to sneak a peek at what happened, and they're likely to get into a wreck of their own because they're trying to see a car in a ditch 6 lanes to their left instead of looking in the direction their car is moving in.

When you're driving on the interstate, you are operating a vehicle of tremendous weight and moving at alarming speeds. Keep your eyes on the damn road and get yourself to where you need to be - out of my way!

8. When the pen runs out of ink, but you only needed it for, like, 2 more seconds.

You're in a rush, you need to write down this address quickly, you're almost there, and BAM! The pen tip had devolved into a tiny, dull knife and you're now carving into that piece of paper instead of writing with ink. This will DEFINITELY happen every time you're trying to sign the back of a check at the bank drive-thru, as well.

10. When I'm standing in line and whoever is behind me is RIGHT behind me.

If I can feel your breath, YOU'RE TOO CLOSE. It isn't going to make a difference if you are 1/2" or 3' behind me, you're still going to be next. No one is going to "cut-you" in line if they can see air between us. Scoot back before I push you.

11. You just finished washing all of the dishes, and then someone hands you "Just one more!"

You were finished. Your work was done here. JK! "Just one more" happens 7 times and you're ready to put your face in the garbage disposal.

12. Cold changing rooms

Every time I've gone into a clothing store's changing room to try on something new, it's cold as TITS in there. I try everything on as fast as possible, and usually skip the things that I assume aren't worth it.

If you want me to buy things, you have to let me try them on first. If the changing room is freezing, I'm trying on less, and therefore buying less. No one wants to try on swim suits in a below-freezing room. Come on, department stores, get your shit together!

13. Outdoor, locked gas station restrooms

I'm obviously on a long road trip if I've decided to use a gas station restroom. Also, I've probably waited too long to pull over, because I didn't WANT to use a gas station restroom. Then, when I finally get there, I find out their only restrooms are detached from the actual gas station. Awesome, hope no one kidnaps me on my way into this creepy place, because I REALLY have to pee now. Door's locked. AWESOME.

Not only are you making me pee in a separate physical location from where you sell your goods, but now I have to go inside, get a key, go back out there, pee, run back inside to return the key, and THEN I can get back on the road. Really? What are you trying to avoid anyway? Are you trying to avoid people having sex in your "public restroom"?

If someone has decided they want to have sex in that bathroom, let 'em. It's so damn gross in there that if they make that choice for themselves, just let them. They've already lowered their standards to that level and I hate that you're making me do the potty-dance all over the parking lot for this shitty reason.

14. Not having lip balm

Do you have any idea how many Chap Stick tubes I've purchased in my life? Probably a billion. Do you know how many I could find right now? Zero. I lose every damn tube of lip balm I buy. There is (almost) no worse pain than having chapped, cracked lips and not being able to find any damn lip balm.

16. When building entrances have ONLY automatic doors

I'm not talking about the ones that slide open, I'm talking about the ones that open like regular doors - but you have to press that button on the side to get them to do so. They're really slow. If you're in a rush, you could just pull them open, but not really. They're super heavy and the mechanical parts in the door create more tension than you thought a door could have. Just leave one technology-free door please.

17. That weird saggy-butt your jeans give you on day 3

Everyone knows you can wear jeans a couple (okay... I'm definitely guilty of more than "a couple") of times before you wash them. This is only true if they don't start growing and give you saggy-ass. There's nothing worse than tugging at your jeans all day, and failing miserably, to avoid 3-day-no-wash-ass-sag. Just grab a clean pair and admit defeat.

18. Digging in my giant purse for that one tiny thing

I have a giant purse, with almost everything I could ever need inside. The problem is, when I need to try to find a Chap Stick (which we already know I won't) and I'm digging around in my purse for 20 minutes. I'm cursing myself for having all of that other shit in there, keeping me from the one thing I need at the moment, but I won't take anything out either, because what if that's the next thing I'm digging for?! It's a catch-22, and it's worth it, but it's super aggravating.

19. Well-lit bars

I didn't come to this bar so that the person sitting next to me could count my pores. Bars should be kept pretty dark. We all look better in low lighting. Bars are for making people look and feel good. Dim the lights and get your shit together, bar owners.

20. Children/tweens in fishnets

Here you see an adorable child/teen Halloween costume. Totally normal, cutie-pie, lady-bug. BUT IT'S NOT. That child is wearing fishnet arm warmers and leggings. WHY?! Everyone knows fishnets are a way of adding sex appeal and they are NOT a clothing item worn for warmth. So, WHY are parents letting their CHILDREN become sexual objects while they're still young enough to trick-or-treat? I don't know, but it bothers me.

21. Waiting the in doctor's office waiting room

You made an appointment for 1:15pm. You arrived at 1:05pm, just to be safe. The waiting room is already full of moans and groans, as everyone has been waiting for a while. You find out 8 other people have the same appointment time as you and you don't see a doctor until 2:37pm.

If I make an appointment, I will be there on time. I will probably be early. Do not tell me my appointment is for 1:15 if there are 8 people in that time slot. That means the 1:15 appointment has been taken and I can stay home longer and come in later. Don't pull me around like that and don't make me wait in your disease-infested-and-only-getting-worse-by-the-second-waiting room any longer than absolutely necessary.

22. Shirts that grow

You know what I'm talking about. You put it on in the morning and it's kinda snug, but by the end of the day it looks like you wore a see-through dress over jeans. It's awful and it's always cheap shirts that do it, but they looks so cute before they grow and you always forget and then you're stuck with a t-shirt that goes half-way down your thighs. Not cool, shitty-shirt.

23. When someone calls you, but they keep talking to the people they're with

"Mom, did you need something or did you just want me to hear you and your friends having a good time?"

"No! I want to know how you're doing!"

"Oh, well, in that case, I just opened up a brand new meth lab and it's going really well, Mom"

"Sheryl, stop. You're going to break that. I'm serious. Oh, that's greaaaat, Honey."

You're not listening and that's annoying. Call me if you want to talk to me, don't call me if you don't want to talk to me. The end.

24. People that come to a complete stop before turning

You're on the main road, you're turning right, there's no one in front of you, there's no one in the drive that you're turning onto, THERE'S NO NEED TO SLOW TO A COMPLETE STOP. You can roll through that turn, some can even accelerate through a turn, but by NO MEANS should you stop. That causes everyone else behind you to have to stop, slowing the entirety of traffic behind you because you are a jack-ass.

If this dog can learn to drive, you should be able to figure it out, you twat.

25. Bartenders that under pour my drink

This is, quite possibly, the easiest way to piss me off. I came here to drink. I ordered a "gin and tonic with a lime" You gave me tonic water with a splash of gin and a slice of lime so thin I can see through it. Not cool.

Under pouring: No one wins. The bartender is getting a shitty tip for the rest of the night (ESPECIALLY if I ask for a double or a heavy pour on the next one and it remains the same) and I'm paying a zillion more dollars to achieve the same level of intoxication as usual.

This, just may, be the worst thing. EVER.

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