How Weird Are Your Shower Habits?

::wipes hair all over wall::

  1. What temperature do you like the water?
    1. Straight-up tepid so I’m not too cold when I’m out of the stream.
    2. Scalding hot hot hot.
    3. Hot-ish, but not too hot, yafeelme?
  1. Do you get in before or after you turn the water on?
    1. Before. I like the initial rush of the cold water.
    2. After! This is a shower, not a suicide mission!
  1. Do you sing in the shower?
    1. Only if I turn music on.
    2. Always! The bathroom tiles give me the best sound.
    3. Uh, no.
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  1. Do you follow the same order of events in every shower?
    1. Of course, I’m a creature of habit and I have timed everything out perfectly.
    2. I just kind of go with the flow and do what feels ~right~.
  1. If you have long hair, do you let fallen soldiers go down the drain?
    1. Yep, I’ll call a plumber later.
    2. I’m #blessed and don’t lose much hair in the shower.
    3. I decorate the walls with hair art and then throw it in the trash after.
  1. How many times do you condition?
    1. Just the one time.
    2. You mean like 2-in-1 shampoo?
    3. Twice, or if I’m feeling fancy, a hair mask.
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  1. Do you drink shower water?
    1. Ew, no!
    2. By accident sometimes.
    3. Water is water and if I’m thirty it doesn’t matter that it’s boiling hot.
  1. Do you brush your teeth in the shower?
    1. Only if it’s a morning shower.
    2. Yup, I have a shower toothbrush and everything.
    3. I always prefer the sink.
  1. Do you ever panic when there's soap in your eyes?
    1. I always think there’s going to be a murderer standing in the shower with me when I finally get my eyes open.
    2. Only because it burns like hell.
    3. I don’t get soap in my eyes, I rinse responsibly.
  1. How do you wash your body?
    1. With my hands?
    2. Loofah power!
    3. With a washcloth.
  1. Do you shower with anyone else?
    1. No, shower time is my time.
    2. I have, but I prefer to be alone.
    3. All the time!
  1. Is the shower also...for peeing?
    1. Ummm, there’s a drain, and soap…soooo, yeah.
    2. GROSS. NO. STOP.
  1. How long do you shower for?
    1. I’m quick, only a few minutes and I’m out.
    2. LooooooOOoOoOoOoooOng showers are my jam.
    3. I always plan on taking five minutes but that somehow turns into 20.
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