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This Creative Couple Designed A Giant Mural As A Birth Announcement

Sara and John Jennings sent their family and friends this video as a Christmas card to announce that they would be expanding their family in 2015. Cue adorableness.

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Sara and John Jennings, both emerging architects from Durham, North Carolina, wanted a mural wall in their home, but couldn't think of what to design.

Sarah and John Jennings / / Via

Sara told BuzzFeed Life, "John is always looking for random projects for us to complete," ranging from a hike on the Kalalau trail on their honeymoon in Hawaii, to a smaller-scale experiment to figure out how long it would take to explode a watermelon with rubber bands.

Upon receiving the news that a little one was on the way, they decided to create a mural as a birth announcement for their family and friends.

Sara and John Jennings / Facebook: CounterbalancePhotography / Via

They emailed the finished video as the year's Christmas card, a clever way to disguise their news.

After several days, they finished the initial mural, but told their families in the video that something was "missing."

Sara and John Jennings / Via

So they went back to work to add in a little ~something~.

Sara and John Jennings / Via

Sara said of the project, "it was painful at times, but fun, ridiculous and definitely worth the hours."

The couple joked, "We quickly found out who watched through to the end and who turned off the video early."

The finished mural took four days to complete and consisted of more than 13,000 1-inch square pieces of colored paper.

Watch the adorable video in its entirety below.

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