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23 Things That All Bath People Know To Be Completely True

Showers are for peasants.

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2. You have accessories like a bath tray and pillow, and if you forget something before getting in you will risk soaking the bathroom floor to get it.

It's not a worthy bath if you don't have all of the necessary accoutrements.


4. You do your best reading in the tub, and you're not above spending as long as it takes to race to the finish of a page-turner.

150 pages left? No problem.

6. You have tried to precariously balance your computer on every surface in the bathroom in order to catch up on the latest shows.

Your Apple Care plan is still valid, right?


10. You could probably put contortionist on your resumé due to the practice you've gotten trying to fully submerge all of your limbs into the water.


13. You've been known to take photos of yourself in the tub even though you're basically naked.

Totally Insta-worthy.


17. You know how lucky you are if your tub has a side faucet.

#blessed. 🙌

18. You know that sharing the bath with someone really takes away from the bathing experience, especially if someone has to angle their head around the faucet.


20. You have very strong opinions about whether or not you should wash your hair or shave in the bath and you feel passionate about it either way.

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And you're not afraid to judge the "wrong" opinion and over-talk about it.