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Thanksgiving According To Stock Photos

Spoiler alert: this is not real life.

This sweet multi-generational family stock photo is not real life.

monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images / Via

They are too happy. Too neat. Too cute with their baby pumpkins. No.

This family is really into their cutlery usage all proper-like.

Catherine Yeulet / Getty Images / Via

No. Not real life. Fork and pointer finger for maximum fork-shoveling.

There's no way that you're serving plain veggies from a salad bowl on Thanksgiving.

shironosov / Getty Images / Via

Or a full uncooked pepper on top of corn-on-the-cob. Nope.

Orange juice at Thanksgiving dinner? And that tiny cornish hen?

shironosov / Getty Images / Via

Nope. Fake life.

Oh, same family different clothes? Still nope.

shironosov / Getty Images / Via

That little girl is getting real pumped about that fake cornish hen. Mmmmm.

Everyone tilting up their head in admiration at the woman who slaved over the meal?

shironosov / Getty Images / Via



Comstock Images / Getty Images / Via

And her dad is just like, "No way, you did this?" (That seems real life, maybe).

Cheers to fake dinner and turtlenecks!

Getty Images / Via

Not sure why you're cheers-ing to anything with that delicious turkey sitting there all untouched.

Aww look at your fake ugly sweaters.

Dick Luria / Getty Images / Via

Homegirl on the right looks like she wants to end fake Thanksgiving and all the weird love pronto.

You do not look that perfect after baking a pie like that.

Stockbyte / Getty Images / Via

And why is your pie done but your turkey is still raw?! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

(This is what baking aftermath looks like.)

Hmmm, your kitchen is very clean considering all of the cooking going on here.

Ryan McVay / Getty Images / Via

And if any family crowded in the kitchen like that while cooking was going on, all hell would break loose.

Again with the whole raw pepper and orange juice?

shironosov / Getty Images / Via

That turkey would not fly IRL. (Pun not intended, but go with it).

Thanksgiving at my house this year -- dress code: baby blue and white.

Wavebreak Media Wavebreakmedia Ltd / Getty Images / Via

No Thanksgiving looks this clean. No normal meal looks this clean.

It's not a newborn baby, it's a fake baby turkey, chill.

shironosov / Getty Images / Via

This is so creepy, but do this with your families and send all photos our way for the lolz.

Are you going to stuff that raw turkey three stuffing nuggets at a time, lady?

Ryan McVay / Getty Images / Via

IRL: grab a handful and shove it in.

There is NO WAY that everyone is listening attentively to a story while there is uneaten food on their plates.

Ryan McVay / Getty Images / Via


No one looks this pretty, this put together, or this clean while fake-basting a turkey.

Blend Images Jose Luis Pelaez Inc / Getty Images / Via

Not real.

These kids are not sitting at the adult table. They're just not.

monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images / Via

Sitting at the kid's table until you're 30 is a thing. These kids are sitting at an adult table of lies.

Thanksgiving-themed-wedding or wedding-themed-Thanksgiving?

Wavebreak Media Wavebreakmedia Ltd / Getty Images / Via

Either way, weird.