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17 Unavoidable Things That Happen When You're An Ugly Crier

Because sometimes tears are inevitable. And so, so ugly.

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1. Your face turns red.

Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via

Hi, I'm Santa Claus. Yeah, nice to meet you, too.

2. Your makeup starts to run.

MTV / Via

It is damn near impossible to gracefully deal with drippy raccoon eyes.

3. Your bottom lip disappears.

Sony Pictures Television / Via

Byeeeeee, lip.

4. As do your eyes.

FOX / Via

Can't see. Too busy crying.

5. And then your chin crinkles.

Oxygen / Via

Like a pug. But not cute.

6. You try to hold in your cry, but that always backfires.

Columbia Pictures / Via

Cue lip trembling and audible noises.

7. And you know that people are looking at you, which makes reining it in that much harder.

Showtime / Via


8. So you try to talk through it...

VH1 / Via

You're just so emotional.

9. ...But trying to pretend you're not crying is impossible.

Big Machine Records, LLC / Via

Yeah, okay, just a casual wipe of the eyes.

10. So you try to save yourself by putting your hands over your face.

ABC / Via

Yeah, no. You're still ugly crying.

11. Maybe your head in your hands will work?

New Line Cinema / Via


12. You start deep breathing, usually to no avail.

Showtime / Via

Inhale, sob, exhale, sob.

13. Then shallow breathing wins.

Crystal Sky Pictures / Via

Breathe, Cagey!

14. At some point you need to just embrace the cry.

E! / Via

You know it isn't pretty.

15. You just have to let it all out.

FOX / Via

16. And then you remember that Beyonce is kind of an ugly crier, too.

HBO / Via

She makes it OK.

17. So you feel a little bit better.

Paramount Pictures / Via

All hail the ugly criers!

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