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19 Clever Ways To Use Leftover Wrapping Paper

Reduce, reuse, recycle that ripped up mess of paper making your house look like a tornado hit it.

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4. Use discarded paper to line a box containing something fragile.

Scorpions and Centaurs / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: sshb

Pack away your Christmas decorations with padding, or decorate a gift basket or box for a gift. Nothing says "I care" more than a box full of crumpled wrapping paper.

5. Construct and hang decorative streamers.

Yunhee Kim / Via

A hole punch and some string + your leftover wrapping paper = beautiful party decorations for NYE, your next bash, or just because. Follow this tutorial, and make sure to measure the distance between the ceiling and punch bowl to avoid any potential disasters.


11. Fill empty photo frames with seasonal wrapping.


This easy decor idea will give your home tons of added festiveness for every holiday, though you may have to explain to relatives why you took the photo of them out of the frame.


12. Build a paper cone Christmas tree.

Just in time to throw it into a box in the attic with the rest of the Christmas decor you'll be packing away. Follow the tutorial here to recycle not only the wrapping paper, but the tube in the middle as well!

14. Use leftover tissue paper to make hanging pompoms.

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This can also be achieved with wrapping paper, but tissue paper has a little bit more give to work with. Check out the tutorial in the video, or written instructions here.


17. Fold up some festive and colorful origami.


Keep your kids busy with an (hours long for tiny humans) origami project, or make a bunch of these and hang them somewhere at different sizes and lengths as decor. Tutorial here, video below.

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19. Create floating shelves out of old boxes and line them with wrapping paper.


Give your home a DIY makeover with these awesome 3D shelves that can be made from recycling not only wrapping paper, but some of those clementine boxes from the grocery store that you can never stomach throwing away because they're all nice and wooden and nice.