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    19 Things That Definitely Do Not Happen At New Year's Parties

    Life within stock photos is curious and fancy. Oh, and also not real.

    1. This is how all of my friends dress for a NYE party, too.

    2. This way, also.

    3. Glamourous full-length gowns for all!

    4. LOL so much carefree fun and no drunk weirdos or drink-spillage!

    5. So much totally normal flawless lighting!

    6. DJ Calcium Deficiency always spins my favorite NYE playlist with his fancy dancers.

    7. Confetti showers for all!

    8. Classy champagne in a ~real~ glass and sparkly backdrop!

    9. Nobody is ever crowded on the dance floor!


    11. No one behind or around us anywhere, just photoshop sparkles for days.

    12. Damn, this was going to be what I wore to ring in the new year.

    13. Retro champagne toast realness!

    14. Let the ball drop like Miley told it it to!

    15. AHAHAHA streamers are the most fun!

    16. I am so coy! My midnight kiss is surely on its way!

    17. Fur coats and not at all smudged bold-lip laughter with my bae.

    18. Empty bar for easy drink access all night long!

    19. After the party everyone throws out garbage from their spotless house in their sparkly dress!