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The Definitive Ranking Of Thanksgiving Food


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13. Green Beans

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Everybody loves a nice crunchy green bean that squirts its juice out across the table, but it's commonplace enough that it is surely not what makes a Thanksgiving feast what it is. Next.

12. Cranberry Sauce - Homemade

bhofack2 / Getty Images / Via

If anyone in your family bothers to make cranberry sauce from scratch, you know it's delicious, because cranberry. BUT - the can is always better in this case, no?


6. Cornbread

Jack Puccio / Getty Images / Via

Cornbread is among the food greats. It doubles as a savory, gravy dunking bread, as well as a dessert treat that can be toasted with some jam and butter. It does it all!


5. Turkey

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The star of Thanksgiving. Without it, there would be no Turkey Day, no tryptophan coma, no need for gravy. (That last part is a lie, gravy goes on literally every single thing).

3. Sweet Potatoes

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A food that can be prepped in so many delicious ways deserves all of the praise. Maple syrup infused and double baked, anyone?