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41 Times Ed Sheeran Made Your Day Better

Because honestly everything he does is pure gold.

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1. When he stole Pharrell's hat and looked smug as anything.

It looks much better on Ed, anyway.

2. When he shared his fortune misfortune.

3. When he took it personally that Kim Shin-Wook didn't want to be his sticker friend.

4. When he posted a pre-tatted throwback with his mama for Mother's Day.

5. When he confused us with this superimposed selfie.


6. When he made this face at this dog.

What's a womble?

7. When he dressed up as Austin Powers and totally nailed it.

Yeah, baby, yeah!

8. And as a gingerbread man.

Not the gum drop buttons!

10. When he "got a haircut".

11. When he took this selfie with a falcon.

And because, "I'm about that life."

12. When he held his cat, Graham, like this.

And then Graham improved the position by crossing his paws.

13. When he made us crave out-of-date popcorn.

14. When he looked like this in a cat sweater.

15. When his dreamy baby blues stared into our eyes while he smooched Kermit The Frog.

16. When he drank a milkshake out of Buzz Lightyear.

17. When he looked a bit surprised holding this little lad.

18. When he actually revealed that his "surprised at baby face" is how he looks when he's broody.

19. When he looked like an angel in the sunlight of this group selfie.

20. When he thought this dog was a rug.

21. When he posted this photo of eleven-year-old Ed looking like a little babe at his first concert.


22. When he shared this snapshot from the past that makes even the clown haters of the world almost kind of not hate clowns.

23. When he looked adorable next to his friend, Tay Tay.

24. When he called Donatello a "chap".

Props to Ed for knowing that Donatello is, in fact, the best Ninja Turtle.

25. This. Just everything about this.

26. When he referenced "Wake Me Up".

"And I know you love Shrek

‘Cause we've watched it 12 times

But maybe you're hoping for a fairy tale too

And if your DVD breaks today

You should've got a VCR

Because I've never owned a BluRay, true say."

UPDATE: Ed Sheeran does in fact own a BluRay player now. He told me personally (in front of a giant crowd, but whatever, same thing).

27. When he was THIS cheesy and adorable.

Haaaaiiiiii, Ed.

28. When he freaked out over double-dipped peanut butter and chocolate covered pretzels.

(But really though, where do you get those?)

29. When he gave us crucial insight into his idea of cuisine.

30. When he fangirled over Frankie Muniz.

31. When he got intimate with Santa.

32. When whatever this is happened.

Eddie + Biggie = Biddie?

33. When he received this random email from Jessica.

More important than the fact that she has confused Ed Sheeran's email with a pet store, you can order fish online?!

34. When he looked effortless with a disgusting fish.

Look at that sexy hand-behind-the-head action. Mmm.

35. When he posted this Norwegian gas station gem.

36. When he posted this shot of his handsome best friend.

And that caption.

37. When this is what he spent a Friday night doing.

38. When he told us he was wearing this amazing shirt on stage.

40. When he shared his coke with Nathan.

41. When he actually tattooed the lyrics onto his arm.

"I tattooed the lyrics onto my arm,

Whispering everything that happens is from now on."

-Take It Back

Keep making our feeds happy, Ed.


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