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23 Smart Gifts That Will Make Everyone On Your List A Genius

Get yo' brainin' on.

1. Knot So Fast, $19.99


Knot So Fast involves racing the clock to construct the perfect knots, either with friends or flying solo. Its name is also an incredibly strong though incredibly weak pun that would be fun to repeat in the manner of a detective busting a case β€” "KNOT SO FAST!" β€” every time a knot is constructed correctly.

2. Brainstrings, $17


This challenging game requires you to untangle scrambled cables within the clear casing until you have each color grouped together without interfering with another color set.

3. Dinosaur Egg Puzzle, $13

This mind numbing puzzle will either make your friends smarter, or cause them to get mad at you at an exponential rate. Either way, cool gift.

4. Rock me Archimedes, $34.99


This game is the perfect gift to help build critical thinking skills, particularly for a pair of siblings or a couple who love to one-up each other in everything. The aim is to try to get four marbles to your end before your opponent, without tipping the apparatus over. May the odds be ever in your favor.

5. Rosetta Stone, $143 – $199


Give the gift of a second language this year, more than just the common phrases and swear words.

6. Shell Game, $19.99


Boost a friend or family member's memory with this game that activates deduction skills and spatial reasoning. Also great for the cold months to imagine you are on a warm, shelly beach rather than in the frigid snow.

7. 4x4 Rubik's Cube, $20.99


Give yourself the gift of watching someone try to attempt to figure this out. Make sure you tape it though just in case they're a genius. πŸŽ₯-->πŸ’°

8. Brainy Puzzles, $20


Engage the recipient's psyche and get those brain juices going as you watch them struggle to complete these puzzles.

9. Pathwords, $19.99

This game is a spin on classic word searches and will provide your friends hours of Tetris-y word fun.

10. E-reader, $79, or just an honest to goodness stack of books.

Fuse / Getty Images

Get someone into reading this year with an e-reader or a stack of books to dive into. Visit here, or here, or just go to a bookstore and pick up something that looks good.

11. Math Equation Glasses, $38


Not only do these look classy and smart, but watching your friends try to figure out these equations after a drink or two could potentially make everyone smarter. Or maybe the opposite. Let us know? Thanks.

12. Rory's Story Cubes, $9.99


Great for imagination boosting for kids, or as a hilarious drinking game, Rory's Story Cubes let users create unique stories from a variety of different prompts.

13. Sudoku Game Board, $34.99


This Scrabble-like version of Sudoku is great for groups, and when someone gets upset at the numbers, they actually have something to chuck at the wall. Much more satisfying than newspaper Sudoku.

14. Local museum membership


A membership to a local museum is both educational and gives the recipient something fun to do whenever they please. Also, dinosaur bones. Find a local museum here.

15. Word Dominoes, $24.95


This spin on the classic version of dominoes requires players to use word skills to make phrases using the picture dominoes. If for nothing else, you can use them to make a Vine of a more visual than usual domino effect.

16. Puzzle Sphere, $20

The perfect gift for the aspiring child architect, the Puzzle Sphere requires the user to create a spheric puzzle version of nesting dolls. Then they can use it to play catch, because it's like two gifts in one.

17. Anomia Party Game, $29.99


This fast-paced game accesses the frontal lobe and enhances motor skills, requiring players to use quick wit to name items in different categories before their opponent. Seems like a lot of frustrated swear words would also be involved, but hey, ~word skills~.

18. A Lumosity subscription

Give your friends the gift of brain training with a subscription to Lumosity, a site where they can play games that are fun, but actually access different parts of the brain. πŸ‘“

19. Eiffel Tower, $15


Challenge your friends and family to try to remove the thin metal band from around this bolt without completely freaking out. Also one to get the phones out for video purposes.

20. Splickety Lit, $24.99


This word game's aim is not only to get the answer to the questions right, but to flip the first consonants of the answer as well. Watch your friends get tongue tied flipping ridiculous words like, "start to finish" (fart to stinish. LOL. Fart).

21. Mojito Molecular Mixology Kit, $30


Help your hostess friend, or just a friend who loves a mojito now and again, deconstruct their favorite drink and play with their booze. Because science. And alcohol.

22. Amaze, $9.99


Sixteen different mazes that act as a "keep them busy in the car" game, or a "sitting in a waiting room and want to work on your critical thinking skills" activity.

23. Fidget Widget, $1.99

Great for coordination and dexterity, fidget widgets can be manipulated in a number of different ways to encourage problem solving and for little ones, color recognition skills. Or just build fun shapes and pass it off as something super fancy on your desk. Either way. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―