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    27 Gifts To Give Every Serious Burrito Lover

    So basically every person ever needs all of these things right now, because who doesn't love burritos?

    Behold, the delicious burrito in all of its wrapped-up glory.

    bhofack2 / Getty Images / Via

    Now behold the burrito-themed gifts in all of their glory.

    2. Burrito cross-stitch pattern, $3.

    nerdylittlestitcher / Via

    Hang one in every room of your house.

    4. Burritos + chemistry cross-over mug, $16.95.


    Nerdy burrito love is still burrito love.

    5. Stuffed burrito necklace, $24.

    Kazooies / Via

    Perfect for dainty jewelry layering.

    6. A wrapped burrito phone case, $33.95.

    Looks very ~authentic~. Mmmm. (For an iPhone 4/4S model, click here.)

    7. A breakfast burrito coin purse, $19.50.


    Pretty positive a burrito would fit in here. Maybe.

    8. The Burrito King tee, $16.99.


    All hail ::raised hands emoji::

    9. A card to proclaim true love, $4.82.

    amyawalters / Via

    Sending this card would be BOLD. But the recipient would know that they are the most loved person in the whole world, so there's that.

    10. Or this one with actual burrito foil attached, $4.50.

    artbyaleisha / Via

    WARNING: The foil's crinkle sound as the recipient takes the card out of the envelope may cause a burrito craving so intense that a ride to Chipotle in under five minutes is essential.

    11. A burrito puzzle, $12.50.


    Stimulates the mind and then makes it want a burrito.

    12. Burrito stud earrings, $17.65.

    NeatEats / Via

    13. Or if you prefer, wrapped breakfast burrito earrings, $7.

    IncredInedible / Via

    14. A canvas burrito throw pillow, $19.99.


    Make couch time burrito time too.

    15. "Burrito Eater" cap, $13.99.

    16. A burrito maternity shirt, $29.99.


    Don't we all?!

    17. A purrito print to be framed and admired, $20.

    jamieshelman / Via

    A cat in disguise as a burrito for your wall? Yes times infinity.

    18. A Mexican fiesta-themed phone case, $25.


    Fiesta time all the time!

    19. An I <3 Burritos pacifier, $9.87.


    Before your kid can even go near solid food, get them accustomed to loving the household's favorite rolled-up meal.

    20. A straight-up burrito tee, $22.40.


    Plain and simple.

    21. A burrito wrap and hat for your baby, $48.


    Baby burritos are the cutest burritos.

    22. Or this burrito swaddle blanket, $54.48.

    AwesomeSauceDesigns / Via

    23. A burrito fan club pin, $6.

    yourfanclub / Via

    Pin this baby to your lapel and tell the world that you belong!

    24. A burrito canvas tote bag, $12.99.


    That it can.

    25. A license plate frame, $16.99.


    Tryna catch me ridin' spicy.

    26. A burrito Christmas ornament, $14.50.


    Merry Burrito-mas.

    27. The California Burrito tee, $25.


    Petition to officially change the California flag?

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